High tech light switches to adorn your home

With the world making a conscious effort to be more eco friendly, saving electricity is just one of the feathers in the hat. Though many of us do make the effort to switch off all lights and appliances while leaving the house, we after all are just humans and tend to forget at times. All of us are not blessed with the luxury of automatic sensors around the house that automatically switches off the lights when we leave. Here are 10 high tech light switches to adorn your home.

Soft Touch Light switch

This carpet-like switch is made of neoprene, conductive yarns and acrylic. All you need to do is give it a slight touch and the lights automatically switch on or turn off. They can also dim the lights. This tufted textile sensor is available in 14 different shades. Even the feel of switching off and turning on the lights is better in comparison to the regular switches.

Minimalist Light Switch

Created by The Traditional Trading company, this thin switch gives a room a very modern look. This innovative new switch is a complete make over for the regular switches and also has the the amazing feature of touch sensitivity. The screws of the plate are well hidden, giving it a very minimalist look.

Floor Plan Light switch

Confused about which switch on the switchboards belongs to which light? Worry no more. The Floor Plan Light switch is switch so convenient that one can only stand in awe of its invention. This switch has been designed in sync with the floor plan of the house, making it easy to locate the right switch. Not only that, this switch is build with many eco friendly features as well. It saves electricity, it cuts down on carbon emission and prevents excess smog formation in the air.

Nova glowing light switch from Grohe

The Nova glowing light switch from Grohe is an LED switch that can be programmed to switch on or off the lights. It has a blue circle set in the middle of a rectangular shaped board and is ideal to give the home decor an ever more sophisticated and modern look.

Spy Camera Light Switch

Imagine having a security camera installed in a place no one could even think of. Yes, in your light switch. This Spy Camera Light Switch does exactly that. It has a hidden camera fitted in the corner of the switch. This camera records everything on a memory card and can be accessed remotely from anywhere through your cell phone. Another amazing feature is that if you install a SIM on the switch, you can receive texts with images of your home. This keeps your house from being robbed. And God Forbid, if this does happen you have enough proof to call the cops and catch your guy.

MAGI Light

Designed by Liang Yun, the MAGI light is a revolution in world of light switches. No more clicking and pressing of a switch. This switch requires the user to spin it to turn on or off the lights. It gives the room natural feeling of sunshine. This contemporary design can fit perfectly into any house decor.

Revio light switch

The Revio light switches, designed by FirstHand Designs, is a smart-looking chick switch that can be programmed and has eight buttons to dim or brighten the lights.This high tech switch replaces the boring element of regular switches with something far more fascinating. The user is allowed to change the back light of these switching with interesting colors and graphics.

Smart Switches

This gesture controlled light switch, designed by Mac Funamizu, is an excellent combination of technology and style. Just with the movement of a figure, you can control your lights. Isn’t that cool? Moreover, this switch is very eco friendly as it helps save electricity by preventing you from switching on the wrong light.

Santido touch sensitivity switch

The Santido touch sensitivity switches can be used not only for operating lights but also blinds in the house. It is a four way touch sensor that brightens and dims the lights as well as activates scenes. It also provides visual feedback of various activities by lighting up the central LED.

Motion sensing light switch

The Motion Sensing light switch is probably the best invention when it comes to saving electricity. This easy to install light switch automatically switches off the lights when it senses no activities in the room. The best part of this switch is that it does not need any kind of wiring. A timer that facilitates you to decide how long after you have left the room that the lights should be switched off.

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