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Normally glove has been used for safety of our hands against frost, cold, fire, etc. It is true that gloves can protect our hands from various injuries too. If we make these gloves with extended functions, they can be more effective. Thus, many designer

10 high-tech gloves to enjoy that super-sensitive touch

Hi-tech gloves

Normally glove has been used for safety of our hands against frost, cold, fire, etc. It is true that gloves can protect our hands from various injuries too. If we make these gloves with extended functions, they can be more effective. Thus, many designers have been creating several hi-tech gloves which can protect our hand as well as work in specialized ways too. This article will provide you information on 10 such hi-tech gloves which have added advantages in our regular life.

1. Portable idea creator

Portable idea creator

This is one of the most hi-tech gloves by which you can compose and record your own music, anywhere and everywhere. Designer Petr Hampl has created this portable music creator and recorder, which consists of a recorder in the glove and a pair of headphones. These gloves generate a wide range of tones when tapped on various surfaces. Once you are satisfied with the new tones, you can simply record this tone via the recorder which is already attached to your gloves. This recorder can capture all the sounds recorded and you can listen the tunes by the wireless headphones.

2. Beat on the block

Beat on the Block

This unique gloves have been developed by a bunch of students from the Artesis University College of Antwerp. It is the drum gloves concept which can create surround sound of full drum kit any time. If you want to produce music, you just have to tap the musical gloves on the flat surface, which are connected to the specifically designed speaker. These will create the sound. You can use these gloves while you are involved with some other works too as it allows to create rhythms together with other works too.

3. Experience recorder

Experience Recorder

If you are fascinated by the high-tech multipurpose products, experience recorder is the best choice for you. This unique item has been designed by Valeria Fuso. These gloves offer activities like capturing video, photos, making sound, finding temperature, all of which are then attached to the wireless computer connection. The best feature of this device is that you can record the function on the auto mode as well as manual mode too. If you are in active auto mode, it can automatically recorded all the information and if you are in active the manual mode, you need to activate the recorder through sensors in the fingers of the gloves. You can find a view finder by which you can see the preview of the entire recorded item before you finally accept the images. You can carry this recorder very comfortably anywhere due to light weight.

4. Fiber optic light glove

Fiber optic light glove

These fiber optic light gloves provide you shadowless lightning by which you can do work without any disturbance. Slovenia based designer, Sepic has invented these unique, light gloves. The gloves come with white LED lamp and can be worn around the wrist. These are powered by an in built battery pack. You can find the optical fibers in the specific location on the gloves and the LED lamp attached on the index finger which can indicate the spot light. The best part of these fiber optical light gloves is that it can also reduce the formation of shadow on the working area.



A perfect grip and natural swing is very important for every golf player. Keeping these in mind a Germany based company, Senso Solution has developed these digital gloves which are probably the first digital golf gloves in the world. SensoGlove is a digital glove which can measure the level of grip pressure. You can find a half inches, in-built computerized monitor on the back of these gloves which displays the readings of the pressure of your grip. All the user of these gloves may insert their targeted pressure on a scale before playing the same. The gloves read and display the pressure. If the pressure of the grip is tight or loose than what is required, the digital alarm warns the user, so that user can rectify their pressure. In this way they can swing the ball perfectly.

6. Frontline gloves

Frontline Gloves

These gloves are made for those who work as a firefighter. Designers Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon have developed these unique gloves which helps the firefighter to communicate with each other. It is known as network gloves too. It is made from electronics equipments and sensors that can sense the hand position of other users and transmit all the necessary information. The glowing ultra bright LED display which is fitted into the gloves indicates specific instruction. Usually the firefighters work in very dangerous situations where they need to communicate with each other very frequently. But, communication with radio or other devices is quite difficult during certain situations. These front line gloves help the firefighters to establish communication.

7. BEARTek gloves

BEARTek Gloves

In the recent time everything is getting computerized and so are the gloves too. A sport biker, Wille has transformed his thought into reality. He has invented these stylish electronic gloves which are known as BEARTek Gloves. These have has multiple activities. You can find audio controller and cell phone steering by which you can switch on the music. Simultaneously, you can answer a phone call by touching your thumb with your fingertips. All these are possible due to Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth module is fixed at the back of these gloves.

8. The Vie

The Vie

Designer Du Tran Nguyen has designed this remarkable product which is known as Vie. He has also enrolled this product for the Australian design award. It is a single handed glove which can work as an boundary between you and your safety zone. You can operate these gloves by moving your finger up and down. You can check all the actions, along with your finger movements in the E like screen which is fixed onto the gloves. It can also work as your personal guide and trainer while you perform jogging or trekking. You can find Bluetooth facility and GPS technology too in these gloves. Thus, you can receive all the massages and send out urgent messages too in times of emergency. You can also utilize this glove as your organizer which will remind you of your meetings and the important appointments.

9. Robogloves


It is one of the most high-tech gloves that can detect every hidden metallic objects simply when you run your hands over a suspicious body or point a finger to something while you wear these gloves. It is made from Kevlar, a specialized material and you can find battery operated devices inside them, which can vibrate to alert the user once the gloves discover any metal. Hence, you also use these gloves as metal detectors.

10. GX-1 Bluetooth skiing gloves

GX-1 Bluetooth Skiing Gloves

This is another high-tech gloves which works on Bluetooth technology. The best feature of these gloves is that you can receive any call without moving your hand. You can also receive and send all the information though the Bluetooth messenger. These gloves are specially made for people who work as secret agents. These Bluetooth skiing gloves have been made with great insulation and are available either in black or red color only.

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