High-end sofa sets for luxury interior design

A dream home should have furniture that reflects your taste and personality. It should add a touch of elegance and enhance the beauty of your dream home. High end furniture not only increases the ambiance of a home but also lasts longer. High end sofas these days are made of wood, metal, alloys which make them sturdier and durable. Read on to know about some stylish furniture to make a bold impression in your living room.

Aymantion diamond studded sofa

Enter a new level of sophistication with Aymantion diamond studded sofa. This compelling luxurious sofa is sure to make you glow with pride along with the diamonds in the furniture. Aymantion diamond sofa is highly customizable with thousands of options for you to choose. Glossy black finish gives the sofa a very superior shine and the white leather gives a touch of elegance to the sofa. Beautifully studded with hand-crafted diamonds, this sofa is 2.22 meters in length and 1.11 meter. Shell out $141,940 to own this exquisite piece of furniture.

Coffin sofa

Dare to make a bold impression in your living room by adding the Coffin Sofa. This sofa has a lid that makes it look like a coffin. Covered with velvet cushion, it has a construction seat made of metal. It is available in rich colors such as red, purple and black. Designed by VonErickson, this furniture is sure to make you feel in heaven.

Diamond sofa, a Flap sofa

Feel majestic with Kevlar, a high end sofa with thousands of Swarovski crystals. A fabric that is high resistant, is cut and covered with crystals to give a marvelous shine. The crystals are embedded using hot fix technology that embeds the crystals permanently on the fabric. These crystals do not hinder the comfort of the sofa.

Athena Multimedia Sofa

Athena is a rich upholstered sofa integrated with computer. Combine relaxation while working using all multimedia functions of a home computer. Efficiently multitask by watching TV as well as responding to emails with the comfort of Athena Multimedia Sofa. Tagged with a price of approximately $15,437, Athena will make an interesting addition to your living room.

De Sede

This oval cozy sofa has enough space for more than two people to sit back and enjoy multimedia such as Internet, DVD and TV. Its oval shaped and heavy upholstered design makes this furniture comfortable for a person. You can order optional attachments such as a flat screen monitor and a side table along with the sofa. Its dimensions are 193W, 156D and 71J. If you want to spend some quality time relaxing, Jane Worthington DS 152 Sofa makes the perfect choice.

Natuzzi iPod sofa

This hi-tech sofa comes with integrated dock system that can accommodate an iPhone or iPod. You can fix the two speakers that come with the dock to one of the sofa corners. Sit back and relax enjoying your favorite music with “Surround.” You can choose from various options of Natuzzi leather colors to match with your interiors.


Drawing inspiration from exquisite pen cases and jewelry boxes, Molinelli Charly has designed Sofa OGive that will make you feel like a beautiful jewel while sitting on it. It has a metallic exterior and is made of luxury upholstered interiors. This case like sofa design makes it stand apart from other seating designs putting itself in a different league of high design.

Position massage sofa

How about having a massage right in your drawing room? Designed by King-Miranda Associati, you can place the position massage sofa anywhere in your living room. It has an electric reclining system coupled with an excellent massage mechanism. Sofa upholstery is made of molded polyurethane foam and supported by a steel structure. Recline the seat to any angle and enjoy the massage operation. It also has an in-built foot massager and offers great relaxation.

The Cell Sofa

Inspired by the structure of amoeba, the cell sofa is made of many beautiful black “cells.” Its design mimics the foundation of the living system. The two globes on the sofa make it more attractive and help in creating attractive refraction patterns. The lights under the Sofa automatically lights up once you open the globe.


The Doc.SofaTM is an oval shaped sofa that is open from either sides and has relaxing and seating sections in between. The unique design of this furniture adapts itself to the shape of the body. Other beneficial features such as sound and light therapy come integrated with the furniture. You can also fit a television at a height to come in straight line of vision with the TV. . What more, this stylish sofa allows you to control and change the settings of the sofa using a central remote control.

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