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Futuristic cars that run on electricity

If there is one problem which has driven man to his feet, it is global warming. Everyone across the globe is trying to do something or the other to tackle this daunting problem. One of the major contributors of climate change and global warming is emissions from car exhausts. Companies are trying hard to come up with cars that run on resources other than gasoline or petrol. Discussed below are some futuristic cars that run on electricity.

Mazda KAAN Futuristic Electric Car Concept

In case you want to take part in E1 races and race your way to victory, then this is the car for you. The brainchild of 6 designers, the Mazda KAAN concept does not emit harmful gases even if it crosses the 250-mph mark, thanks to the sub-level electro conductive polymer that powers it.

Eco-Friendly Futuristic Electrical Concept Car

Designed by Duncan Campbell, this futuristic car resembles the look of a human eye. It has four motors, one each under the wheels to avoid gas emissions. This car has a sleek design coupled with beautiful orange windows and transparent sides that offer a great view while you drive.

Electric & Futuristic Hyperion Concept Car

Named Hyperion, this vehicle is the conceptualization of designer Marco Aurelio Galan Henriquez. It measures 4.5×2.5×1.6 and uses lithium-ion batteries to power itself. To add to the green factor, the car is made up of lightweight materials that can take it up to 200 mph.

HXO An Efficient Futuristic Car

One look at this car will halt you in your tracks. The credit for building it goes to Wang Yanchao and Zhang Zhizhen. The car traps solar energy and converts it into electrical energy with the aid of oxygen and ionized hydrogen from water. Its spherical wheels also have amazing storage abilities, creating more space and convenience.

Koenigsegg Quant Concept

This four-seater uses solar energy and Flow Accumulator Energy Storage (FAES) Technology to power itself. Advancements in the technology will allow the car to be charged completely in 20 minutes, guaranteeing a range of 500 km. It has a thin film photovoltaic coating and is highly ergonomic to drive. It also has two electric AC Induction motors and is very lightweight because of the carbon fiber monotube.

DeZir Electric Car From Renault

Renault is ready to come with a big bang, armoured with its DeZir model. The car is supposed to run on an electric motor that will be skillfully adjusted at a position so as to optimize weight distribution over both the wheels. The lithium-ion battery which will boast a power of 24kWh will be situated behind the seat. The DeZir will run up to a range of 160 km. A distinct body made of Kevlar and tubular steel frame are two aspects that are sure to make it stand out.

Nissan iV concept electric car

Come year 2035 and this is the car that all of us be waiting for. The creation of Mazda designers from Nissan, the iV concept car claims to use lightweight materials that are even lighter than glass. The vehicle uses solar generators with bio-batteries to power it. The best feature is that 60% of the consumed energy can be recovered, thanks to the high capacity supercapacitors of the future generation.

Touch down future car concept

Designed by Guo Ke, this beauty can be powered either by solar or wind energy. Its wide tires have electric motors which power the vehicle. The car also has a hydraulic chair lift device. Having attractive front and rear lights, the Touch down will take your breath away as it travels at lighting speed. It has 6 high capacity batteries that can be removed individually for charging.

Oasis Electric Vehicle By Shane Korthius

If you love adventure and exploration, then this is the vehicle for you. It will take you through dusty roads with no harmful gas emissions and noise pollution. Equipped with a light aluminum chassis, a ground clearance of 28 inches, a fiberglass shell and plenty of energy to ride a wonderful noiseless, less screechy drive in deserts and rustic roads, Oasis is powered by lithium-ion batteries.

Electric Car By Jan Godlewski

A contrast to the conventional electric car models, what makes this car a class apart from the ones mentioned above is its carriage-like look with a bulky body and thin, big wheels. Nothing much can be said about its efficiency for the moment, but assuming that efficiency would be a necessity rather than an option in future vehicles, it is the bulky yet royal look that will make it stand out.

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