Foldable crutches to aid the physically impaired

Disability is one of the the darkest sides of human life. One can only imagine how difficult it is to rely on other people for day to day tasks. The only people who understand the agony are the ones who have been through it. And, those who spend hours in workshops to come up with various instruments that can make the lives of the ones suffering with disabilities, a little better, definitely need be appreciated. Crutches can help the physically impaired individuals perform their routine tasks without much assistance and lead a normal life. Now, designers have made sure that when these crutches are not in need, they could be folded, packed and carried off with ease. Here’s a list of 10 unique foldable crutches designed to aid the needful.

Transformable crutches

The transformable crutches are skillfully designed to keep the users in comfort. These can be switched from forearms to underarms with elbows comfortably bent. The best feature of these crutches is that they can be transformed and packed in a bag when not needed. This can be very useful especially while traveling; and especially for those who are in the phase of rehabilitation or are moving from wheelchair to crutches.

Collapsible crutch

Jonathan C. Smith is the designer behind these very useful collapsible crutches. It is very difficult to carry tall, heavy crutches, especially while traveling. These crutches are adjustable in height and also adjust its load bearing capacity to meet the requirements of different users; and when not in use can be collapsed and stored easily.

Millennial Pro Crutches

The new improved Millennial Pro Crutches are designed to overcome the limitations of the traditional crutches. The new additions include a large underarm cradle for extra comfort, a shock absorbing feature, and a bracketed handle to displace the weight properly. The Millennial Pro also comes in a foldable design and is adjustable to a much better height than the traditional crutches.

Foldable Crutches

The Foldable Crutches designed by the Astro Design team are made as such to be packed and stored very easily when not in use. They are designed with a telescoping foot so that when not in use, these could be folded into a very compact pod. In their small packed form, they can be very conveniently stored anywhere.

Stryder Hybrid Crutch

The very innovative Stryder Hybrid Crutch is a master design to improve the standards of comfort a user can expect from a crutch. It is designed to be used as a knee scooter for non-weight bearing legs. This aids greatly in the mobility and reduces the tiredness caused in the wrists, hands, and chest while using a crutch. It has an adjustable height and can be used by people between the ages of 16 to 45. This design definitely offers a lot of comfort compared to the ordinary crutches.


The innovatory, short time use S_UPPORT is made from nano-nylon, a material which can be recycled many times without losing its strength. These crutches are very different from the conventional metal crutches in both design and comfort. These crutches with their modular design can be used in different body scales and scenarios; and at the same time are easy to manufacture and customize for individual needs.

Comodo crutch

The Comodo Crutch is designed by Denise Kim Wy to give that extra convenience to the user in difficult situations. The Comodo Crutch, otherwise used as a normal crutch, can be converted into a chair to sit on in less than a minute. It is made of nano-nylon, aluminum, and rubber. Another important advantage of this crutch is the inbuilt flash bulb which can really aid someone walking in the dark. It is overall a very thoughtful and innovative design.

Folding Crutches with Carry Bag

These crutches are made of a very lightweight but strong anodized aluminum frame. An easy push button is to be pressed to adjust the height. A padded travel back is included in the set. The crutch can be folded and easily packed in the bag with the long carrying handle.

OPO Folding Crutch

The OPO Folding Crutch is made of two components joined by elastic. This makes it very easy to remove and assemble in seconds. It can be used both as a normal elbow crutch and an all-round elbow crutch. The Ergonomic soft grip makes it non-slippery and even more comfortable. The strong crutch can take a maximum weight of 130 kg.

Quickstep folding crutch

The Quickstep folding crutch comes with an anatomic grip. The max weight it can take is about 120 kg with a height of 67cm when folded. The user is just required to set his/her required height just once, from the next time all that has to be done is expand and this foldable product is ready to be used.

17 thoughts on “Foldable crutches to aid the physically impaired”

  1. Please! I came looking for a pair of folding crutches for traveling, and found myself insulted by the way disability was presented: agony, darkest of human experiences, suffering — have any of you ever actually talked to a disabled person? Or are you too busy projecting your ableist notions onto us? Disability is a rich and sometimes difficult part of human experience, but not a tragedy.

    1. I strongly support Anne here. The first sentence of this page begins with a derogatory statement . We all are temporarily abled-bodied and anybody can become disabled anytime. Impairments are part of life and disability can NEVER be the darkest of human experiences.

    2. Exactly what Anne said!

      “Disability is one of the the darkest sides of human life. One can only imagine how difficult it is to rely on other people for day to day tasks.”

      WTF. Are you kidding me??? I use crutches as night after I take my prosthesis off, so I like a folding pair for travel. There is nothing dark about my life, and I’m not sorry or sad about my disability (my life is still full and wonderful), and I use crutches and other aids so that I am independent. You people are jerks who are patronizing and insulting people who would otherwise be your customers. This isn’t a new complaint — I see that Anne made her remarks over a year ago.

  2. ditto Surendra Singhal and Martins’ requests……please send me cost, length, and how to purchase the folding crutch with carry bag……thanks a bunch! :-)

  3. I am very keen to purchase the folding crutches with carry bag. Could you please advise details I live in Australia. Many Thanks.

  4. Similar to Sharon, I also live in Australia and would be keen to purchase the folding crutches with the carry bag. Can you please publish some details where these can be purchased? Thanks, Ross

  5. Obviously whoever has constructed this website has either not viewed the feedback from non able bodied people or of course perhaps they do know best and we should all turn into miserable, dark, reliant on able bods for every aspect of our life as they allude to.

    Would I buy from them, well even if there was a process that is easily visible to allow a purchase, not a bloomin’ chance. So insulting and denigrating to a section of society who make the best of that which life has given them, it just adds to the perception that those of us who have conditions that make us less able bodied are miserable no hopers.
    For travel crutches, try here

    At least there seems to be a process to make a purchase and the site is upbeat.

  6. I want to buy a Stryder Hybrid Crutch, but I can’t find any sales info. Is this item on the market yet? I may not be able to purchase one yet, but I hope the designers make a billion bucks on it.

  7. I want to buy a Stryder Hybrid Crutch, but I can’t find any sales info. Is this item on the market yet? I may not be able to purchase one yet, but I hope the designers make a billion bucks on it.

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