Eco friendly smartphone concepts to let users go green

Everyone is going green nowadays, from car manufacturers to smartphone makers. Mobile market has seen an exponential rise in the last decade in both the number of customers and the technology trend. With the increase in the number of products sold, comes the problem of disposing them off. This is why creating eco friendly smartphones is necessary. Starting from the materials that are used for making these smartphones to the manuals that use a huge amount of paper, everything needs to be manufactured and managed in such a way that the environment is not disturbed or polluted. Keeping this in mind, various companies have come up with unique concepts of eco friendly smartphones. Here are the 10 eco-friendly smartphone concepts that allow users to go green.

Chute smartphone concept

Chute brings in a unique and stylish concept where the exterior body of the phone would be made entirely out of bamboo which is not only light and and strong but also completely biodegradable which is not the case with the currently and widely used plastic. As it is just a concept, we have just been told that the smartphone would be a powerful one from the functional standpoint.

Nokia green phone concept

Nokia’s ‘Remade’, which Nokia claims to have built entirely out of used materials, was launched at the Mobile World Congress. The outer body of this environmental friendly smartphone is made out of material recycled from used plastic bottles and the rubber keypad has been made from old car tires. This phone is a result of Nokia’s continuous effort in creating devices from recycled materials.

Flexible Auki smartphone concept

Auki’s Flexible smartphone concept comes close to being one of the most inconceivable smartphones in this list. The flexible design allows it to be strapped around the wrist just like watch and when not in use it goes to standby mode allowing the solar panels to appear in the screen that would convert the solar energy into electric energy, which would then be stored in the batteries for use later.

Samsung Clover – eco sensitive phone concept

The Samsung Clover is designed to be an eco friendly cell phone that would be made out of recycled materials. It would be featuring an eco-sensitive PLCD display screen that would fade away as and when the battery level drains, thus turning from opaque to a transparent or clear screen. This helps in saving a lot of energy by utilizing as less energy as possible for the smartphone’s requirements.

Bamboo Phone biodegradable cell phone

Gert-Jan van Breugel is a designer from Netherlands who designed this much exalted design called Bamboo Phone that is basically manufactured from two materials; bioplastic that is generated from corn and bamboo which grows faster than you can imagine. Interestingly, according to the concept, the bamboo casing consists of seedlings inside which would result in new shoots when the phone is no longer needed and thrown in a compost. Another interesting feature is that recharging needs just a little bit of muscle power.

Designer Daniele Silvestri’s Unliquited concept phone

Say hello to Daniele Silvestri’s Unliquited concept smartphone that unlike other smartphones would have all the storage material on a side server, helping to cut down the phone’s weight and other resource by more than half. Moreover, now with a central location available, you would be having all the contacts and your gallery files even if you lose your phone. The Unliquited consists of a stylish, sleek and a transparent screen which overall would turn out to be a spectacular piece of gadget. The battery use methanol as the source of energy and the metal frame could be melted down and reused again.

Leaf Mobile – smartphone resembling two connected leaves

Leaf Mobile is a power smartphone that would do almost everything that a PC could do. The leaf like design of the mobile allows it to be flexible enough to be worn around any part of the body in almost any fashion you could imagine. The concept brings an advanced keyboard that could be projected to any surface to enhance the user experience and also to decrease the plight of user by avoiding the miniature keypad that conventional smartphones have. Apart from harnessing energy from its surface, Leaf Mobile would also run on electromagnetic batteries.

Revive smartphone

Revive is simple yet a revolutionary concept that would change the way consumers would look at a smartphone before buying them. Similar to the concept of upgrading to a latest more user-friendly OS, Concept Revive would let you upgrade the hardware in your smartphone just like you upgrade your hardware on your desktop PC. This means that the smartphone that you would buy would never become obsolete which in turn would mean that there would be a decrease in the number of outdated models that would need a safe place for disposal. This way a sustainable smartphone would come into picture that ultimately could become the future of smartphones.

Philips Fluid smartphone concept

People are getting fashionable and trendier by every passing day. This Philips smartphone concept hopes to make it big keeping this in mind by designing a stylish and sleek smartphone that can be worn around your wrist like a bracelet. With its brilliant OLED display and advanced smartphone capabilities Philips Fluid could be next best thing in the Mobile as well as fashion industry alike.

Concept Android smartphone Flip Phone with three AMOLED touchscreens

Designer Kristian Ulrich Larsen goes one step ahead and has come up with a concept futuristic smartphone called as the Flip Phone. Based on the Android OS, the flip phone would have three display panels instead of one that can be flipped over and formed into a triangular prism having three faces and a hollow inner structure. All the three panels would be having touch based interface and would be featuring a Super AMOLED screen and an aluminum casing.

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