Eco air purifiers that keep the surroundings clean and green

Rapid industrialization and the rise in the number of cars on the roads have altered the natural mix of air with the addition of toxic gases. While the condition on the highways is miserable, the quality of indoor air needs to be checked as well. Addressing the issue, designers across the world are striving to develop some eco-friendly gadgets that keep your environment, both indoors and outdoors, clean and green. Have a look at some of the most innovative air purifiers after the jump.

GreenAir Natural Air Purifier

Drawing inspiration from the metamorphosis of butterfly, designer Sherly Gunawan, a graduate in Product Design from LASALLE College of the Arts Singapore, has designed an innovative air purifier that freshens up the environment through natural vegetation. Considering the fact that that indoor air can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor, the GreenAir is an indoor air purifier that grows living plants for fresh air. Read more

FLO2 Air Purifier

Drawing inspiration from oxygen and the process of photosynthesis, designer Olivia Bradateanu has popped up with a stylish yet functional air purifier that lets you breathe fresh, at least when you enters your living or work space. The device lets the user know the quality of the air he/she is breathing and also purifies it by simply trapping the particles. Read more

Andrea Air purifier

Harnessing the natural process of air purification, Harvard designers Mathieu Lehanneur and David Edwards has come up with an innovative air purifier that makes use of indoor plants to filter air. Dubbed “Andrea,” the eco-friendly air purifier absorbs toxic gases to filter them through the leaves and roots of the plant within and puffs out fresh air. Read more

Aura Organic

Designed by Ben McGinley, the Aura Organic Air Filtration system is different, as it does keep indoor air quality healthy, but doesn’t consume any electricity for the same. The conceptual device uses sunlight and plants to remove harmful chemicals and toxins from the air. Read more

Oxygen of Green

When it comes to air purification, nothing beats nature, and industrial designer Mingling Wang has tried to bring nature inside your house to provide fresh air to the inhabitants. The Oxygen of Green indoor furniture concept is designed by combining air plants with a living room table. Read more

Breathe Easy

Addressing the decreasing home/office air quality, especially in urban areas, designer Paul Thomas has popped up with an aeroponic growing system named ‘Breathe Easy’ that generates clean and fresh air in your work or living spaces, regardless of the environment outside. Based on the gel nutrient substrate, the new system cultivates toxin-absorbing plants supported by magnetic seals in the upper opening, while a row of LED lights at the bottom gives a delicate touch to the unique system. Read more

O2 Air purifier

Taking cues from natural systems, researchers and scientists are proposing to build forests of artificial trees that can help slow down the effects of global warming. The plans do seem great for places where trees aren’t as common as they should be. The plans also prove that the natural way is the best way out of the global warming threat. Industrial designer Tian Lingrui is trying to improve the power of natural systems at a much smaller scale. Read more

Window Air purifier

Korean designer Jae Han has something cool to offer to you; the Window is an air purifier that will let you stay cooped indoors for as long as you like without compromising on your dose of the fresh air. Read more

Paralda Air purifier

The Alen Corporation has launched the Paralda air purifier that is completely lead-free, ozone safe, and Energy Star qualified by both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. Meeting the demands of the eco-minded, the four-speed air purifier touts a stylish design with an impressive HEPA filtration system, UV lamp that is claimed to have a life span of over 5 years, ionizer, light touch activation controls and a 24-hour programmable timer. Read more

Daan Air purifier

With changing times and growing needs all that is sure to change and the Daan seems to be a bit of a trendsetter in this regard with its revolutionary design and ergonomic finish that make it as much a visual delight as it is for you health by spreading green goodness.Read more

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