10 earthquake proof building designs for safe refuge

Earthquake proof building designs

Any allusion to earthquake conjures up bleak illustrations of catastrophe, devastate and debacles. The entire landscape turns into stagnant pool with a screech of breaks and the lives grind to a halt. Apart from causing obliteration, natural calamities dislodge huge swathe of living entities. How to reallocate them and where do they take refuge? Those who had scrolled these grim pictures from their own eyes, are carving for some respite structures that are better, safer and more secure than the makeshift abodes they are living in. People are taking steps seriously and moving for reducing debacles and irreparable loses.

1. Haiti Mountain House

Haiti Mountain House

The Caribbean nation was strike by earthquake of disastrous magnitude which compelled them to construct specially designed catastrophe relief dwells in Haiti. These structures are constructed of light weight and are vulnerable to tangential winds. The sketch of such structure incorporates four 8’ x 8’ sections for living, dining and sleeping quarters with space for kitchen and bathroom. The two striped ‘L’ shaped land is used as porch along the garden. Walls are made of Magnum Board panels and 4’ x 4’ ‘H’ columns and beams of steel are used to support the house. Self composting units for toilets; glass windows with metal grills and nets; cistern to harvest rain water are used to aid the home.

2. Quake resistant houses for San Francisco

Quake resistant houses for San Francisco

During occurrence of hurricane in New York, the potential quake-resistant houses were conferred by Seismology-receptive San Francisco. Such houses consist of helium or hot air balloon, water resistant shield and whether proof shell casing on the top. Immense design and thought, apart from when the real scenario comes, people may tremble to get the stuffs down with the jump of 20 feet in air to tow the enormous cover. Even rather they may brawl for staying at ground floor.

3. Vertical bamboo home

Vertical bamboo home

In Haiti, another conventional design on space segmentation was proposed by St Val Architect studio. The concept of vertical bamboo homes was based on basket weaving technique in which natural local fibers are molded into cocoon form that reveal the transient character of ever-shifting environmental scenario. The advantages of using bamboos are; it is cheap, fantastic resistant to floods and high winds and negligibly affected on natural disaster-ravaged zones.

4. Solar powered wooden homes

Solar powered wooden homes

Wooden houses, conferred by Haiti Development Corporation, are more sustainable, beautiful, suitable and easy to assemble alternative for re-housing the displaced people. These are made of 6’ thick square wooden units with Swiss style log cabins and are featured by guaranteed solar power system and ceiling fans.

5. 900 shipping containers homes

900 shipping containers homes

Eco villages had given a refreshing concept of using shipping containers and provided long term sustainable, hurricane, flood, high wind and earthquake resistant dwells. Around 900 shipping containers of 40 and 20 foot were integrated in a grid with free spaces for parks. It reduced the cost amazingly.

6. ‘Quake-proof’ home

Quake-proof' home

The structure made of recycled steel seems like a wooden home and works wonder in facilitating a temporary devastation relief home. This refuge can be dismantled and is supposed to have support of Eco-conscious organizations that aid by supplying required steel.

7. Re-GROWTH pod

re-GROWTH pod

Prefab homes are considered as cost-effective, erectable, prefabricated, lucrative and safe shells provider alternatives. Primarily, such house pods are utilized as temporary kitchens and bathrooms and ultimately fulfill the purpose of facilitating the permanent homes. Since such housing entities are quick service provider, hence are feasible. These designs provide durable, disaster-resistant, water, pest and fire proof shelter.

8. Dubbed Earth-ship

Dubbed Earthship

Houses made from recycled materials are the first choice of the architects, who understands the imperatives of becoming eco-friendly. Such houses not only harvest recycled materials and rain water but reap wind, solar and renewable energy to produce its own power.

9. Recycled tires home

Recycled tires home

The intelligent minds, which have the spirit to maintain equilibrium among environment and ecology system, prefer discarded materials like recycled tires to create eco-structures in disaster-ravaged territories. For making recycled tires home, a large base is constructed through recycled tires and tarp cased metal dome is installed. This entire project necessitates sponsorship from White Helmets and government. Simultaneously, the project needs the support of tire-manufacturing companies that can aid by providing sufficient supply of discarded tires and transportation facility at required location.

10. Core house

Core house

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  1. These may purport to be earthquake proof, but what about practical? I think you entirely missed the mark. For earthquake resistance, hurricane resistance and which can be easily constructed in a developing nation, nothing beats a thin-shell reinforced concrete DOME, such as a Monolithic Ecoshell or similar domed structure.






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