Designer coffins to solace sleeping souls

Coffins are traditionally made with six sides tapered around the shoulders, or rectangular with four sides. Continental Europe has favored the rectangular coffin or casket, although variations exist in size and shape. In Medieval Japan, round coffins were used, which resembled barrels in shape and were usually made by coopers.

Soul Ash Solace

Soul Ash Solace is basically a cremation coffin. It is made of easily burnable substances, like corrugated cardboard, paper-mache, wood. It is very simple, yet elegant one. Soul Ash Solace is designed by a leading Belgium design agency, MAXIMALdesign.

STAR TREK Coffins:

Star Trek Coffin comes from the house of the funeral professionals, Eternal Image. Star Trek Coffins are very stylish one, the company claims, that anyone would die for. They are inspired by the photon-torpedo design featured in Star Trek II. Star Trek Coffin carries a price tag of $799.

The Ecopod

The Ecopod is made of biodegradable materials. An Ecopod is hand crafted by recycled newspapers and papers made from pure mulberry pulp. It has a strap and handle system for making it easy to be carried. These coffins are available in a wide range of colors.

The Cocoon

The Cocoon is suitable for both burial as well as cremation. It weighs only 20 kilograms and hence makes it very easy to carry. It is shaped like a cocoon. Special materials and techniques used make it very firm as well. A natural rope or stainless handle comes with every Cocoon. One can choose from an array of 14 different colors. The Cocoon is developed by UONO, a German company.

Hot-rodder buried in tricked-out coffin

In a strange burial, James D. Calabrese, a hot-rod enthusiast of Orange County, was buried in coffin tricked out from his beloved 1958 Chevy Biscayne. The coffin was made mostly from his Chevy’s aluminum parts. A huge crowd of hot rods were present at his burial.

Alarm Coffin

Alarm Coffin is designed by a Russian named Vitaly Malyukov. As the name indicates, these coffins are fitted with alarm buttons, which can be used by those buried alive by mistake. Though this sounds funny, imagine some one rescued in this fashion; maybe one in a billion?

Coffin Motorcycle Trailer

Coffin Motorcycle Trailer is custom made for motorcycle enthusiasts. It has handle with which it can be pulled manually or it can also be pulled behind a motorcycle to the burial place. It is easy to transport as it is a coffin on wheels.

iPhone Coffins Assure Geeky Road to Death

iPhone Coffin is developed by a company called Creative Coffins. You have a choice from Vista wall-paper themed to Halo coffins. Creative coffins are known to develop eco friendly coffins and its own unique designs.

PETA coffin

PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) is the largest animal rights group in the world. PETA has now teamed up with The Old Pine Box of New Mexico, an eco friendly coffin maker, to make new PETA coffins. There is an array of designs to choose from. In one design, the deceased can claim as a “Lifetime PETA Member”. Then you have catch words like “Told you I wouldn’t be caught dead in fur!” or “Dead meat should be buried—not eaten.” $75 from every PETA coffin sold goes to the PETA organization. So, you literally die fighting for animals.

Designer Coffins

Designer Coffins bring together artisan skills and elegance. People who lived their whole life in style deserve even more stylish departure. Colorful Coffins is UK’s leading designer picture coffin makers.

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