10 creative wooden gadgets, product designs

Wooden Gadgets

The hype is about product designs when the best of wooden architecture meets technology. Creativity comes out of passion, and when passion meets efficacy it gives you wonderful results. The growing technology these days have been about increasing the efficiency and reducing the size. The quality has not been compromised much, but very often the style has been. As we all know, under the eye of productivity, there is still a major market of wonder designs and architecture for the people who have an exclusive taste and a good eye for art. Practical wooden designs are not just amazing to look at, but also wonderful to show off. Here’s a list of the 10 most creative wooden product designs which you just can’t ignore.

1. Wooden iPod Dock

Wooden iPod Dock

Well, look at this and the admiration will come from within. This Wooden Apple iPod dock is completely Eco-friendly and is made up of salvaged timber which gives out absolutely amazing wooden sound quality. A wooden log is drilled to make holes for it to bear the speakers and electronics. The design gives it pure aesthetic appeal. This is a definite pick for beautiful star-studded interiors.

2. Wooden Camera

Wooden Camera

This absolutely delightful tiny handmade wooden camera is actually a cool music player. It has an embedded Motz Music Player which allows you to play MP3, OGG and WMA files. This wooden camera music box has an internal storage memory of 256MB which should be enough to carry your favorite list of music. A cool iPod to hang out with!

3. Wooden LED Clock

Wooden LED Clock

This amazing wooden LED clock is designed by Kauji Iwasaki which has won the top prize at the Asahikawa International Design Fair in 2002. The clock has a very thin layer of veneer allowing the LED to shine through them. The wooden block design and the LED time display works like a fantastic combination very pleasing to the eye.

4. Wooden Stapler

Wooden Stapler

This is a cutting-edge stapler design with the working of a normal stapler embedded in natural wooden exterior. It surely gets the job done in style.

5. Wooden Laptop Case

Wooden Laptop Case

This sleek trendy very creative laptop case is made by Rainer Spehl. This wooden laptop case is embedded with a magnetic lock keeping productivity in mind. It is a perfect fit for the 15″ Apple Macbook and Macbook Pro. What a classy way to carry the latest technology!

6. Wooden Computer Mouse

Wooden Computer Camera

This wooden carved computer mouse is called the Jupiter Mouse and is designed by Actbrise Electronics. Surprisingly, this wooden mouse is made from Chinese flowering ash. It gets his name from the natural grain swirls. The product is made in rural Gunma prefecture in Japan and if you carefully notice, the click button it resembles planet Jupiter’s famous spot.

7. Wooden Computer Keyboard

Wooden Computer Keyboard

This wooden computer keyboard is presented by Marubeni Infotec and the design is delivered by the famous design firm Hacoa. The elegant looking keyboard has been skillfully crafted to make use of this pretty product efficiently. The designers also make wooden USB drives, hubs and other peripherals.

8. Wood Plinth Clock

Wood Plinth Clock

Natural wood has been used to carve out this beautifully uneven wooden clock. The design has been made from a natural piece of wood with a clear lacquer finish to give it a very natural look and an aesthetic appeal.

9. Wooden Bicycle

Wooden Bicycle

Not any famous designer or bicycle company but a young 16 year old high-school student has handmade this vehicle. Marco Facciola has created a fully functional bicycle made of wood with a purpose of fulfilling a class requirement at school. Absolutely no metal has been used in the making of it, even for the chain and other working parts. Amazingly, It’s only wood and glue.

10. Wooden iPhone Case

Wooden iPhone Case

This is an iPhone case made to cover and protect your iPhone in the most stylish way. The whole case is made with a single piece of one of the finest wood available. The coolest smart phone and a designer wooden case, a definite combination to flaunt!

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