10 creative ways to recycle aircraft waste

recycle aircraft waste

Airplanes fly high and take us from one place to the other in no time. But, even this man’s best creation till date is subjected to damage and has to retire one day or the other. Once, they have served their purpose, these planes are ripped apart and the aluminum is sold. But, there are a few who are reusing the parts in a much sensible way and giving them a recycled life. Below is a list of ten creative ways to recycle aircraft waste that will make onlookers drool over the products.

1. Building A Library From Recycled Airplanes

Airplanes Library

LOT-EK is a New York based design firm that will give fuselages extracted from Boeing 737 and 727 a new lease of life in the form of a library that will be situated in Guadalajara, Mexico. Many people are unaware of the fact that fuselages can’t be recycled in an effective manner that poses a lot of hindrance to use them. The money spent on demolition it way too higher than the profit earned when the aluminum extracted out of it is sold. So, either they keep catching dust in the deserts present in western states or are dismantled even if they are in a great condition. But, erecting a library using fuselages is a brilliant idea and the structure will also be energy efficient. The parts will be placed one above the other in a slanting position that will be in tandem with the sun exposure that will in turn use its energy in a much efficient manner.

2. Little Trump

Little Trump

Jo Ann Ussery is a cool lady and also a proud owner of the Little Trump. The lady built a new house using a scrapped Continental Airline 727 after her sweet abode got completely destroyed because of a storm. 18 inches of the tail of this aircraft was fixed using concrete that gave it much needed stability. One look at her exquisite dwelling and you will feel as if it is flying. The nose of the plane extends past the shoreline of the lake near her house that gives it a tasteful appearance. It features a cabin that is 11 foot wide and is quite spacious as the seats have been removed. The airplane house is well illuminated, thanks to the 10 cockpit and 76 side windows that make sure it gets ample light during the day time. It consists of a master bedroom complete with a Jacuzzi, a dining or living room, three bedrooms, laundry room and a kitchen. The owner narrowed down on the name Little Trump after learning about the $16 million corporate jet that is owned by Donald Trump.

3. Custom Airplane Homes Coast-to-Coast

Airplane Homes

A good number of airplanes are discarded every year after it is declared that they are not fit for flying anymore. But, what happens once they get retired? Well, most of them are snapped apart and the aluminum extracted out of them is sold while a few get chopped and their parts become are put on show in a museum. But, you will be surprised to know that there are a few aircraft lovers who swap them in to an actual home and live in it forever. Boeing 727, DC-8 and Boeing 307 have been used as residence by people with Boeing 727 being the most favorite. Over the years the number of aircrafts that retire has increased because of the sudden escalation in air traffic. So, if you are one amongst them who likes to travel a lot by air and loves every moment spent inside a plane then the idea of converting a recycled airplane into a house is worth a steal.

4. Bordbar recycled airplane trolleys

Bordbar recycled airplane trolleys

Stephan Boltz has swapped airplane trolleys into a functional piece that can be used at homes, offices, restaurants and just anywhere you can think of. Bordbar Recycled Airplane Trolleys are quite colorful and attractive. They can be customized as per a user’s whims and fancies that will add a personal streak to the product. Get the facade caked in solid colors or bold prints and make the trolley look very attention-grabbing. They are durable and will last for a good number of years that too the recycled way.

5. Recycled Airplane Furniture

Airplane Furniture

MotoArt has designed the Mile High Bed that has been crafted using authentic plane parts. It is quite spacious and will bring the sumptuousness of an airplane right inside your room. The silver colored bed looks very neat and comes attached with a lot of elegance. The side rails and headboard have come from DC-9 and C-130 military cargo jet, respectively. The bed looks glamorous and will add a streak of royalty to your house.

6. MotoArt’s new DC-4 Conference Table

DC-4 Conference Table

Here is another furniture item from MotoArt that has been crafted using salvaged airplane parts. Christened the DC-4 Conference Table, it makes good use of rudders extracted from jets. The table comes coated with a lot style and comes complete with edges that have been mirror polished. The table has also got a coating of pulsating powder that makes it very eye-appealing. DC-4 Conference Table will sparkle because of the presence of LED lights that add to its vivaciousness.

7. Wing desk from Moto Art

Wing desk

Airplane scrap is being given a fresh life in the form of high end furniture items that force onlookers to slip in a state of awe. Moto Art is doing its bit and has come out with tables and wing desks that have even managed to woo celebrities from Hollywood. The company loves to work with parts that have been extracted from vintage planes. The salvaged aircraft furniture items are gaining popularity and people have started loving the whole idea of having a part of an airplane at their place.

8. The Jet Engine Reception Desk

747 engine cowling desk

Give the reception area of your office an exclusive look with the Jet Engine Reception Desk. The silver colored recycled 747 engine cowling desk is a cut above the rest, thanks to the usage of polished aluminum. It has a diameter of 100” approximately and will definitely help craft a very bold style statement. But, if you are interested in keeping one at your home then there is another downsized model that will prove to be a perfect fit for your dwelling.

9. Live in an Aircraft

Live in aircraft

Here is your chance to live in a Boeing Aircraft forever. A 19 square foot area has been extracted from a Boeing and swapped for personal use. The seats from the first class compartment have been kept intact and so are the two airplane toilets, storage lockers, kitchen and video equipments. Make an everlasting impression on everyone with this Boeing Aircraft space.

10. Boeing aircraft reused as private residences

Boeing aircraft reused as private residences

Max Power is helping people reuse Boeing Aircrafts as residences by wedging the plane on a steel column. The inside can be given any look as per the owner’s taste and requirements. The company will help aircraft crazy people to realize their dreams of owning one in the form of a private residence.

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