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Creative solar-powered gadgets for green geeks

The new choice of going green has made ample space for the renewable energy resources. The solar energy has been a hot topic for the researchers these days. They are continuously working to find methods to harvest the cheapest and easily available sun light and to convert it into electricity. This effort has resulted in the discovery of gadgets which can be easily operated using the solar energy.

Doing different has been a first choice for creative people. The scarcity of natural resources towards producing fuel has created a wider scope for non-conventional means to generate power. The green geeks always search for the new ideas to harvest the solar-power for their equipment. Let’s see the 12 creative solar-powered gadgets, especially made for the green geeks.

Logitech solar keyboard

The famous computer peripheral manufacturer, Logitech has announced the solar keyboard for computers and laptops. It has a built-in charging platform, which enables the user to use the keyboard without any battery. Also the wireless USB dongle has no need of driver installation. It has two solar panels to power the keyboard. The keyboard once charged can go for almost three months without recharging.

Owleye solar bike lights

A fashionably crafted bike light which is powered by solar energy is introduced by Owleye, a Taiwanese company. It is detachable, light in weight and water resistant. Once charged fully, the light can go up to 16 hours. Also, it gets complete charging in less than 3 hours time and can give a full light of almost five hours. Further, available in USB quick charge option, the lights are a worth buy.

Voltaic solar backpack

One of the most usable products, the Solar Bag is surly going to steal the show. It is also the most versatile gadget in our range. The pockets of the bag are easily detachable. It has also ample space to carry your personal stuffs. This bag can easily charge all your portable electronic gadgets. Additionally, it has a padded sleeve for laptops, dedicated phone-pouch and other numerous pockets. It has a 4W solar panel, which get charged in less than 1 hour and renders a talk-time of almost 3 hrs. The back-up for music players extends up to 48 hours.


Having the total peak output at 20 volts, the VOLTAIC ‘GENERATOR’ Solar Bag generates power in sun light. The bag has a capacity of 50 Watt hour and it can be charged fully in eight hours. This bag has robust construction with water resistant qualities. Also it can withstand rough handling. This bag can also charge your iPod, iPhones and other cell phones. In wet seasons, the battery can be charged using the AC travel charger.

Brunton solar charger

A best solar charger for your small gadgets, the Brunton solar charger can charge your cameras, iPods, iPhone, and GPS gadgets. This charger has an in-built solar panel, which further facilitates the charging instruments without any hassle. This gadget has also a standard USB ports, power gauge & auto shut-off and can store the power up to 2200mAh. Available in dimensions of 5.7″x3″x.88″, this charger weights at 5.7 oz.

Solar camcorder

Imaging you are in between a party; shooting images and videos and suddenly the battery goes down. It’s the most furious situation you can face ever. But, now you can use the world’s first high definition camcorder with built-in solar charging panels. The palm sized camcorder is compact and is designed considering the maximum comfort of the user. Having 12 MP camera and 1280X720 resolution of the video recording, it is best complemented with an expandability of 32 GB.

Solar-powered robot

Capable to move with a speed of 5mph, this solar-powered robot is highly useful for the scientists conducting researches in the Antarctic region. Brainchild of researchers belonging to the Dartmouth College, this robot is made by the school of Engineering. The Robot gets its power from the in-built photovoltaic cells. The cells trap the solar-energy and then convert it into electric-powered cells enabling the robot to move.

Solar chariot

This Chariot is manufactured by Bob Schneeveis; a well-known name in the invention of solar-electric gadgets and vehicles. The inventor Bob is highly experienced in designing and making gadgets using the robotics technology and rollerblading chariot. These solar powered gadgets are another excellence from the inventor.

Solar-powered beach tent

A perfect accessory for the adventurous people, this solar-powered beach tent is also air-conditioned. It best suits the people who wish to pitch their tents in warm places like deserts. It also does not cause any harm to the environment as the air-conditioner is charged and operated using the solar-electricity. The panels are installed on the roof of the tent and the designers are working on the concept to launch foldable tents. You can buy these tents at approx $5000.

Solar wheelchair

Powered by solar panels installed on the roof, this wheelchair is developed by a team from the Southern Taiwan University of Technology. The roof also works as a cover from the rain and sunlight. Claimed to be cheaper, this solar-powered wheelchair is supposed to go for mass production soon.

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