10 creative beach furniture designs for a relaxing holiday

One of the best outings with family and friends includes an adventurous pastime at the beach, making castles of sand, playing outdoor games like Frisbee, volleyball and other sports activities, accumulating seashells or sitting in some quality beach chairs and just basking in the sun. However, an excursion fun-filled trip to the beach would mean carrying a lot of paraphernalia from food items, to games, to music and other sources of entertainment as well. However, the launch of some exquisite beach furniture can serve an all-time purpose for an exciting beach outing without having to carry much stuff along. Luckily some of such furniture is already available in the market and is listed below.

1. Lumina Beach Chair

This extremely contemporary and stylish chair is a modular beach habitat by Sid Bhat and a must have for all beach lovers. It has an interactive projector attached which showcases latest technological advancements in the most innovative manner, without being harsh on nature. The projector creates two dimensional virtual images of a host of beach involvements in an interactive format and also has an in-built speaker which enables a musical background theme while being involved with other beach activities. A unique halo graphic laser technology allows its usage on the surface of sand as well. Its other features include an internal IR optical sensor, an expandable memory which can be upgraded via Bluetooth and a storage compartment too that can hold small things like a mobile phone, sunglasses and so on. Being extremely light in weight and compact in size, it can be easily carried and transported from one place to the other.

2. Beach Lounger: A perfect chair for all your beach needs

This beach lounger is capable of converting your tedious beach steps into a cakewalk. With a capacity to withstand a load of 225 pounds, it has a cooler to keep your food items and drinks chilled, a 4’-diameter removable umbrella to protect you from the scorching heat of the sun and could be easily rotated to 360 degrees, an adjustable pillow to rest your head and neck on. It also features a detachable leg rest which can even be converted into a side or lap table, two armrests with lots of compartments to store around a dozen soda bottles, four wine bottles and an 18”x21” pocket beneath the seat for extra storage. It is made up of breathable soft mesh-like fabric and its lightweight and foldable features make it extremely portable and comfortable to carry.

3. Eastern-inspired beach setting from Paola Lenti

This effortless creation of stylish outdoor living space by Paola Lenti is inspired by the eastern style and design elements. Its low-lying cushion bed cum sofa enables easy and comfortable reclining and relaxation with earthy tones to soothe the senses. The unusually woven floor coverings perfectly complement and enhance the beauty and simplicity of the well defined furniture shapes and designs. A signature look by Paolo Lenti creates the most appropriate layout for an intimate evening with your loved ones. It is more suitable for romantic evenings than hot day-times. This Italian design with its graceful and deep colored features and absolutely comfortable materials are both resistant and durable. It lays the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable evening near the sea-side.

4. Fly – a versatile seating solution from Zanotta

The Fly is a futuristic curve-shaped trendy design from Zanotta, which adds a new definition to seating solutions on the beach. It has a futuristic flavor and has been crafted with the combination of carbon fiber and quota fabric. Where carbon fabric imparts support and a sturdy frame, the quota fabric makes it more comfortable for different seating postures. The design may look simple, but it is definitely very impressive and friendly as it provides multi-seating solutions through an extremely versatile, contemporary and modern-looking piece of furniture. Its resistant and durable nature makes it a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor use, especially during a trip to the beach, an outing at the yard or simply on the terrace.

5. Pin up beach chair with umbrella holding capabilities

All that beach-bums require is comfortable seating with sufficient shade to bask in the sun. Keeping this in mind, Yonatan Zur designed a cool pin-up beach chair having an umbrella holder as well, which looks fashionable and also promises a great futuristic appeal. The umbrella offers a stick-like red colored contraption which serves a dual purpose. When hooked to the grooves of the board, it serves like a pin-up to enclose and hang the chair on a closet, and when detached, it plays the role of an umbrella attached to the tapered end of it while the board can be easily fixed on the sand which in turn bends to fit in your derriere. Being absolutely practical and portable in features, this chair is all that you would need to accompany you on an outing at the sea beach.

6. Beach Bellow beach chair

The Beach Bellow is a collapsible beach chair, quite simple and convenient to carry, and extremely easy to store and use. It serves as a perfect choice for lounging and relaxing accompanied by style and comforts. Though its design has been inspired by a regular bellow, it has been made out of silicon rubber and is supported using spring steel members. The bellow with the aid of its two sides can be used to lie-down or sit-on and its bright color makes it more appealing and favorable for sunbathing and rejuvenating at the beach.

7. Suntracking Beach Chair

The Sun tracking Beach chair is an easily foldable lounger that rotates on steel ball bearings up to an angle of 360 degrees. It can be reclined to three different positions and has a pillow to support your neck and back for a comfortable rest time under the sun. An integrated canopy provides optimum shade which can be easily folded and flipped at the back of the chair when not in use. The frame of the chair is made of anodized aluminum while the seat along with the back rest is designed out of woven polyester. The chair also has a cup-holder on its hand rest to hold your beverages and an easy-to-carry strap to enable hasslefree transportation. The chair measures 35″x20.5″ and has the capacity of holding a weight of up to 250 lbs.

8. el compadre by hector galvan

Designed by a Mexican designer Hector Galvan for their studio ‘Omelette’, el compadre is a two kilograms beach chair that comes in pairs and is made from recycled and dehydrated wood and epoxy paint. It helps you to cherish the beautiful landscapes by direct contact with them. Apart from being highly portable, it goes way beyond as it incorporates the very ground, making sand and wood an integral part of its design elements.

9. Round Lounge

The Round Lounge has been Conceived and designed by James Caldwell, and as the name suggests, it is a round shaped lounge highly portable and light-weight. It has been designed gaining inspiration from the different methods people adopt for relaxation and comforting at the sand beaches. It has been crafted using high density foam which enables it to even float in water apart from performing its patent function of serving as a seat that rests on the ground. This dual-purpose serving chair has thereby given a new definition and added a new leaf to the list of contemporary beach furniture.

10. Equilibre deckchair

French designer ‘Pierre Lescop’ has come up with an excellent design of a deckchair named ‘Equilibre’, which apart from being highly minimalistic and portable also serves as being ergonomic and comfortable, making it a perfect choice for a rejuvenating sunbath on the shores. It balances and rests the user’s body completely keeping it in equilibrium position, which gives optimum relaxation and maximum enjoyment of the natural surroundings. The chair has been made from natural fiber composite that ensures umpteen amounts of comfort and its smooth curves help to soothe the eyes as well as the body of the user completely.

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