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Creative bamboo gadgets for green geeks

The gadgets are what we really love to have in plenty of number but some of these gadgets are so beautiful and adorable that it is really hard to take eyes off them. Gadgets adorning wooden shells on the outside are always a special thing for their aesthetic value, plus their ability to do better with heat. Here is a list of some cool and creative bamboo gadgets for green geeks. Have a look!

Bamboo slider

iPhone case made from recycled bamboo. What good are worn-out chopsticks and broken bamboo scaffoldings? The bamboo slider case developed by Incase is made from bamboo pulp made from recycled bamboo that was actually used in chopsticks and scaffoldings. Being light in weight, the case ensures that your beloved Apple gear doesn’t get bulky and is neither scratched. The company claims that 40% of the case is made from reclaimed bamboo and the rest is made from unused bamboo. The cases can be purchased from the Incase store for $34.95.


Gadgets adorning wooden shells on the outside are always a special thing for their aesthetic value, plus their ability to do better with heat. The pic you see atop shows a mouse that has been designed using bamboo as an active material. A design especially intended to woo the ecologists; this rare doodad doesn’t run short of tactility as the pure feel of the material is lush. You would have already understood the nomenclature scheme behind the mouse, needless to say then, why they call it the Bambouse. The design also highlights the proficiency of the Taiwanese with the bamboo art.

Bamboo made laptop coolers

Laptop cooler made from sustainable materials. With the market already flooding with notebook coolers of different makes, designs and features, Macally has launched a new range of notebook coolers that are made from sustainable bamboo. Launched in two versions, ECOFAN and ECOFANPRO, the notebook coolers are equipped with a built-in USB fan and can support any notebook computer up to 17”. The only difference between the two variants is that the height of the ECOFANPRO can be adjusted, while the ECOFAN features a fixed-position stand.

Chikuno cube

Bamboo charcoal-based air purifier. If you’re looking for an eco friendly way to keep your car or your closet free from bad odors, then the Chikuno cube might just be the perfect product for you. The cube-shaped air purifier is made from an ultra fine powder of bamboo, charcoal and clay. Charcoal has a high capacity for absorbing odors, and the Chikuno cube utilizes the material to perfection. Packed in a micro-honeycomb structure, a 2-inch cube has the same surface area as four football pitches, which enables the purifier to work for about a year without any refill. The Chikuno cube is priced at $28.50 at the Delight Store.

Bamboo notebook holder

Lapdesk made from sustainable materials. Korean manufacturer Macally has presented its eco friendly notebook holder the EcoFad that has been created from bamboo. Dubbed “EcoFad,” the notebook holder also includes a bamboo mouse pad. The environment friendly holder includes several grooves that are designed to circulate hot air and keep the notebook from cooking.

Bamboo walet mount for iPad

iPad wall mount created using renewable bamboo plywood. There seems to be no dearth of third party products for Apple’s goodies and the iPad is no exception either. With millions of iPads already sold, the markets are flooded with stands for the gadget. Among hundreds of other choices, the walet mount helps add a touch of green to the device. Designed by Jonathan Danforth from North Carolina, the Walet Mount has been created from plyboo, which is plywood made out of sustainable bamboo. The neatly crafted stand includes keyhole slots for direct-to-wall mounts, as well as VESA-complaint standard holes for articulating monitor arms.

Bamboo torch

Plastic, with its durability and light weight, has become an integral part of modern gadgets and thus lifestyle, but being non-biodegradable it puts adverse affects on the environment as well. Reducing the incessant use of plastic in household consumer electronics, British designer Thomas Mascall has come up with an innovative torch that replaces the plastic with bamboo for its case. The bamboo casing not only gives a unique look to the torch but also helps in improving the atmosphere. Generating power from a battery, the bamboo torch makes use of light emitting diodes (LEDs), ensuring lower energy consumption, longer lifetime and compactness.

Satori fan

Designed to address the environmental challenges, the Haiku Satori ceiling fan offers high energy efficiency. The blades of this fan are made of solid Moso bamboo. The ceiling fan is styled to complement any traditional or contemporary environ using natural materials. The salient features of the Satori eco-friendly fan include an advanced aerodynamic 3D blade design, infrared remote control (seven speeds, sleep mode, off timer and the Whoosh mode that simulates natural airflow by gently modulating fan speed), digital inverter electronic controller and advanced safety features, such as entirely enclosed motor design, electronic shutdown protection and auto-reset thermal switch.

USB bamboo speaker

If price tag is the benchmark of the quality of a product, we may simply rule out some of the most unique products with low price tags, even without measuring their actual worth. The USB bamboo portable speaker, priced at $30 is an inexpensive but effective amplifier for your mobile phones and PMPs. The bamboo finish lends not just a unique look to the speaker system but also provides a more extensive and improved sound range (300-10,000 Hz frequency response) than other speakers of the same size. Finished with highly resistant bamboo, the portable USB speaker system also stands tall in supporting the ecology and allowing the users to support the green drive going worldwide.

Bamboo keyboard and mouse

The sustainable computer accessories look as trendy as any other gadget available on the market. Featuring laser engraved bamboo keys to absorb sweat, the bamboo keyboard also includes four shortcut keys to allow easy access to internet, e-mail, mute and calculator. The sustainable keyboard and mouse, measuring 460x161x22 mm and 108x55x35mm (LWH), respectively, are compatible with Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/NT/Vista /Win7 and so on. The new accessories are easy to use, for they don’t require any driver installation and just needs to be connected to the USB ports of your PC, laptop or Mac to start your work. Priced at $33.44, the Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse are made in natural bamboo (100%) to leave minimum rather no waste behind them.

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