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Home audio speakers are designed to sound great, but many designers take it to the next level and create something so sexy that people can’t help but stare. There are few speakers designed not only to give sound but also have fancy look and add style

10 crazy speakers that sound amazingly cool

Speakers that sounds amazingly cool

Home audio speakers are designed to sound great, but many designers take it to the next level and create something so sexy that people can’t help but stare. There are few speakers designed not only to give sound but also have fancy look and add style to your home, some are portable which can be carried anywhere you want and some other features which can stun you. Let us see some of the speakers which are amazingly cool.

1. Aluminum sound tube MP3 speakers

Aluminum sound tube mp3 speaker

It is a compact speaker made of metal to produce big sound and has an in built rechargeable battery and also an internal MP3 player. The speaker is small and portable. These speakers have a playback time of 6 to 12 hours and get fully charged within 6 hours via USB. The sound tube MP3 speakers come with a 2GB microSD card and can support up to 8GB. It also has a bicycle clip and arm band holder which can be attached to the bicycle handlebars or to the arm. It is priced at $40.

2. Ecoball


The Ecoball runs on the solar power and when the two speakers are joined together it looks like a ball and so named as Ecoball. This device can be connected to any compatible music player and the speakers are kept open to listen to music. The Ecoball has an attractive and good appearance and stylish look. The surface of the Ecoball are fitted with photovoltaic cells which convert the solar energy to electricity, which produces sound. It is equipped with a carry belt which makes it easy to carrying. The upper part which we see has the volume controller.

3. Atmosphere speakers

Atmosphere speaker

It is a speaker which also has LED lights, it can work as speaker, light or both at a time. While playing music the user can set the color according to the rhythm or tone of that music. The atmosphere speakers have three buttons on it, one to control the volume, other one to on and off and the other to change the color. And it can produce all the colors of the VIBGYOR from it’s led lights. The outer cover is made from stainless steel, aluminum and plastic. These speakers can be connected to computers, laptops TVs, MP3 players or any audio input. The atmosphere has four speakers where one produces sound having high frequency, second one acts as a mid range sound producer and the remaining are normal speakers.

4. Coleman Levitators


It is a great design and a revolutionary outcome and is completely different from the other speakers in producing sound and it runs on Wi-Fi. As we see the surface is a multitouch touchscreen. In the base it has an electromagnet and the floating part has a superconductor. In the multitouch touchscreen we can see the track playing and other details has a floating superconductor, where it floats due to the magnetic field of the electromagnet which is induced into the superconductor. The Coleman’s speakers feature only one speaker without left and right speaker.

5. Kirikabu Speaker

Kirikabu speaker

It is a plant pot having multi-directional speaker with woofer, left and right speaker having internally powered amplifier. These speakers are made of recycled and sustainable products and the speakers can be assembled in different shapes. The Kirikabu speakers are fully featured with the bass reflex ports and a sub woofer. Each module have three horizontal stubs where two terminals hold speakers and the other is to attach another module and the top it has a small pot to keep the plant.

6. Bose speakers

Bose speakers

It is a nice looking portable speaker which has a good sound also. It features an unidirectional speaker at the top half and the bottom half is for Bluetooth playback and modular interaction. On the top it has the power on/off button. The device has a li-ion battery and a 3.5 mm jack for those devices which do not feature Bluetooth. You can have any number of speakers to have a good modular surround sound.

7. Travel Sound PoPz

Travel Sound PoPz

It is portable speaker to accompany your music players without taking much space. The Travel Sound PoPz looks like a small pouch rather than a speaker as they are enclosed in a pouch. The sound system is neither very good nor bad but has an overall good sound, it also has a 3.5 mm jack to support devices lacking Bluetooth. It is a passive speaker which does not require any batteries. The speaker is not worth when used in loud parties where the sound will be fainted by the noise. The speakers are quite cheap and are available at $30.

8. Pioneer Sound Wing

Pioneer sound wing

These speakers feature HVT (horizontal vertical transforming) technology which reduces unwanted vibrations and thickness of the speakers. These are available in two form factors; one a multi speaker integrated bar and the other is satellite wing speakers to produce a good sound. The sound wing speakers are hung on the corners of the walls or to the ceiling which can produce an even sound. The price is fixed at $507.

9. Sound Egg

Sound Egg

These is a pair of wireless speakers which can be used with computers or laptops and also with Bluetooth enabled devices. It is called so as the outer part denotes the exterior of the egg and the inner yellow color looks like the color of yolk. Though the speakers do not not stand straight, they tend to be inclined as they are supported by the cargo which is at the bottom of the speaker which holds them to stand in vertical positions or tilted positions. A funny feature of this speaker is that you can create funny sounds while twisting and whipping them at the top.

10. Sound Seed Ceiling Speaker

Sound Seed ceiling speaker

It has the shape of a bird nest and has white and black sleek body that can be hanged from the ceiling. These not only function as speakers but also add decoration to your home. As they are hing on from the ceiling, the sound will be uniformly distributed. And here the wires designed specially for the aesthetic appeal which they give for your home. This is still a concept and not released.

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