Corrugated cardboard designs to sustain the environment

Corrugated cardboard is made of paper and it consists of flat linerboards and fluted corrugated sheet. It is mostly used for manufacturing cardboard boxes and containers, which can be utilized for shipping and transportation purposes. This is primarily used for transporting a wide variety of goods, including fresh fruits, vegetables, home appliances, fast moving consumer goods, industrial machinery etc.

It is a cost effective raw material for constructing tough structures quickly. Being a paper material, it has innate properties of being light weight. Additionally, it can be cut easily for molding into a desired structure. Keeping in mind all these benefits and functional usages, it was well designed to have strong compressive capabilities. Nevertheless, it is an essential material having many potential uses.

The otto chair

The innovative Otto chair was conceptualized and designed by famous designer Peter Raacke in 1968. This out-of-the-box creation has become an eye-catchy spectacle and it is exhibited in various museums across the world, such as the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and MoMA in New York. Otto will soon be available in consumer markets. German design retailer Pulpo is re-introducing the corrugated cardboard creation so that one can take the advantages of light-weight, strong, long lasting, and portable chair. This maverick chair is a good way of using material that is otherwise conventionally used as a packaging and transporting material. It supports recycling of goods in a positive manner and beautifies the interior decor.

Chairs made using recycled cardboard

Students hailing from Indiana State University collectively invented the recycled cardboard chair for displaying it at their thesis exhibition. The recycled cardboard chair has a potential capacity of holding up to 250 pounds of weight, allowing a person to sit comfortably. The students showed great talent and wisdom as they did not used any glue or adhesives to bind the recycled cardboard together. Nonetheless, the students were able to present laudable chairs with Ming-Chia Chen presenting a bar and a coffee table.

Corrugated cardboard lamp by Giles Miller

A corrugated cardboard lamp shaped out of a recycled cardboard! It is beyond imagination that a simple recycled product could lead to such a jaw-dropping creation. Surprisingly, ingenious UK designer Giles Miller worked and developed his very own distinct signature tactic of fluting. With the help of this technique, he produced varied designs on the hard and tough-looking cardboard’s surface and paved the way for fascinating cardboard lamps. Made from firm corrugated cardboard, this elegant and classy lamp makes the aura pleasant by instantly lightning up the room.

Modular boxes built from flat-packed corrugated cardboard

Modular boxes carved out of flat-packed corrugated cardboard can be utilized as office furniture or modular walls. Characterized by innovative flat-packing designs, modular built, sustainable strength, and portability it can be used for decoration. It is sturdy and strong enough to hold your weight. This artistic cardboard furnishing can add to the beauty of any place at an affordable price.

Basket Case design with corrugated cardboard

Basket case was born while exploring new avenues on different designs that could be achieved from corrugated cardboard. The motto behind treading the exploration path was to find new way of utilizing the raw material. Corrugated cardboard is woven together for producing bags. The technique of weaving cardboard together can be used to creating a wide variety of intriguing patterns.

Corrugated cardboard laptop case

Giles Miller has introduced the fresh and exceptional corrugated cardboard laptop case design. The trendy and well-built laptop case made from recycled material is fluted with great finesse, which gives its owner the honor of flaunting extraordinary chic designs.

Liborius Reykjavík’s portable cardboard table

This funny and exceptionally amazing chair was designed with designers and students as target customers in mind as they face dearth of sufficient space in studios or classrooms for delivering proper work. Sruli Recht, FormFast and Liborius Reykjavik are the genius brains behind the creation of this original and handy solution. Designed considering nitty-gritty of ergonomics, the flatpack cardboard table is equipped with three drawers, laminated surface and a jute strap storing box.

Cardboard homes

An inventive emergency shelter created by the GPRDMC is a good solution for dealing with earthquakes and other disaster-hit places. Their modern emergency shelter contains a cardboard box puzzle named as the octagon. The housing solution is available in two separate boxes weighing 41 kg each.

Disposable cardboard bed

A wisely articulated handy solution for poor and needy in the form of disposable cardboard bed was prepared by Nikolay Suslov, a Russian designer. Consisting of a five level corrugated carton combined with waterproof material, this cardboard bed is hugely influenced by chaise lounge and beach chairs. With a height of 20 centimeters, the cardboard bed assures comfort, mobility, and durability making it useful for all seasons.

Cardboard Cafe

Manifesting a great and humble message of recycling and green architecture ‘The London Design Festival 08’ came out with admirable eco friendly concepts. The cardboard cafe presented at the Design Festival exhibits recycling in an inspirational and beautiful manner. This architecture serves as a cafe in the morning and turns into a bar in the evening. Engineered by b3 designers with the help of hot glue, the site is delightfully coordinated with cardboard tables. The guests are served drinks in cardboard glasses.

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