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Cool and unique wooden USB flash drives

The current plastic flash drives look lifeless even though they come in variety of designs and colors. Give life to the boring looks with these beautiful and astounding wooden flash drives. These flash drives not only makes you go green but also gives options for customization to suit a person’s choice and needs. They look very creative as well as elegant going far beyond the dreary plastic flash drives. What more, these drives can be engraved with messages to give that personal touch on the drive! These are great options to wrap technology in various types of wood such as Cherry, Walnut, Maple and host of other types of woods. Unlike the plastic flash drives, these are not bulky and are designed to be light, usable and inexpensive. Read on to know ten such stylish wooden handmade flash drives:

Clothespin Wooden USB Flash Drive

Do not peg this drive on the clothesline mistaking it to be a clothespin! This cool USB Drive is just shaped as a clothespin as a unique shell for the flash drive. This drives does not only look elegant but also comes with a storage capacity of 4GB to keep valuable data. This nifty flash drive measures 8 x 2 x 2 cms. Conceal it or show it off on your pocket and move with the vintage looking data drive.

Handmade Wooden USB Drive

This fashionable looking drive is hand made from Ebony wood. It comes with storage of 5GB and its dimensions are 18 mm (H) x 9 mm (W), 72 mm (L). It also has a cap to cover the flash drive made of wood. This neat looking pen drive looks quite elegant and has looks that sets it easily apart from the rest. This unique looking flash drive is sure to add a natural green touch. These are priced at $59 each and can be purchased from Etsy.

Flashsticks Wooden USB Drives

Carry a little log in your pocket that contains valuable data. Flashsticks, a UK based operation, creates special wooden USB pen drives. Each flash drive is unique since no two sticks are the same. These functional wooden logs can store data up to a capacity of 2GB. What more, this flash drive is compatible with nearly all the operating systems – Linux, Mac and Windows so that it is usable by everyone. These do not come with the cap but is spacious enough to store a large number of photographs, music and much more. These wooden functional logs range between £15 and £24.

Wooden USB Flash Drive

This excellent looking wooden pen drive has a unique wood design made of Maple, Red Wood and Walnut wood. It can be personalized with various personal messages with its four color imprinting options. It comes with a storage capacity of 1G, 2G, 4G, 8G, 16 and 32GB. It has high speed transfer rate and is compatible with Windows and Mac. Drivers are required for Windows 98 or 95. It also has a LED indicator that flashes when the data is being written or read. This drive comes with a lifetime warranty. Its dimensions are 0.8 inches (Width) x 2.4 inches (Length) x 0.3 inches (Length).

Wooden USB Flash Drive in chameleon design

Turn heads with this trendy looking chameleon USB Flash Drive. This drive is handcrafted and the chameleon seems to clasp the port of the flash drive. Though looking a bit strange, this chameleon stores data up to 8GB and costs $115. This is ideal for all the animal loving techies who wish to keep a chameleon by their side. This drive has antique looks as well as serves the purpose of effective data storage.

Wooden Cross USB flash drive

Carry all the value data preciously around the neck, literally. Make a cool statement with this wooden flash drive designed as a cross. It functions both as a religious symbol as well as a fashion statement. It measures 38mm x 63mm x 10 mm and weighs 14 grams. It can store data up to 2GB and is priced at $30. These drives are self powered and easier to operate. These are compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

Thalbach Hand Crafter Wooden USB Drives

Thalbach Design Manufaktur specializes in creating wooden engraved hand crafted USB drives which have looks close to cigar holsters. These are unique and are fashioned using hard woods. Hand engraves provides personalization on these data storage disks. Made of variety of wood and polishes, these wooden USBs are indeed special and make it perfect for an elegant wooden collection. Each Thalbach drive can be selected from a variety of inlay types, veneers and custom engravings. A personal graphic, a quote or a company logo can be hand engraved in the inlay. These are available with a data storage capacity of 1, 2 and 4GB. This neat looking drive looks complete with a well fitted wooden cap. These beautiful wooden disks are available in a price range between $85 to $146.

Wooden USB Sticks from OOOMS

Do not mistake these to be wooden mannequins which are USB drives made of fine wood material. OOOMS specializes in the manufacture of such sticks made of natural material. These woods are handpicked for their exquisite beauty. They are then professionally churned and polished into elegant looking USB sticks. They are compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. These have a data storage capacity of 1, 2, 4 and 8 GB. Company Logos, names and personal messages are easily engraved on these wooden flash drive sticks.

Pinocchio design Wooden USB Flash Drive

This unique looking flash drive is made of special woods such as Maple, Walnut and Red Wood. These can be personalized with the four color imprinting options. These measure 1.5” x 2.5” x 0.5” and comes with a data storage capacity of 4, 2, 8,1G, 32GB and 16GB. It works on Mac and Windows operating systems. The LED indicator in the drive glows when the data is written or read. This rounded wooden USB drive can be imprinted on both the sides of the wooden surface.

Memore by Vladimir Levestam

This stylish USB drive designed by Vladimir Levestam has this handmade stick made of wooden material. Plum, Ash, Mountain Oak and Bog Oak are some of the wood varieties used to make this USB flash drive. These have a data storage capacity of 1 and 2 GB and costs $60.

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