10 cool and compact tablet typing accessories for easy computing

Tablet typing accessories

Tablets have broken through the laptop’s shackles, with Apple Inc being the pioneer in the product. When other companies found that the time has come for the next trend of IT, they too followed Apple’s path and started to manufacture their tablets including many other features. But one problem which users reported was the accuracy of typing. The users constantly complained about the ease of typing and using the keyboard displayed in the tablets. Taking the customers’ complaints into a serious note, the companies decided to develop some alternatives. In this post you will find some of those alternatives.

Lets look into ten cool and compact tablet typing accessories which you can use for easy computing:

1. KeyFolio iPad 2 Case

KeyFolio iPad 2 Case

Though KeyFolio has already released a Bluetooth keyboard for iPad 2 tablet. But if you are looking for a versatile iPad 2 stand for typing, then its latest iPad 2 keyboard case is what you should look at. The case is stylish and designed for iPad 2 tablet. The case is lightweight and can protect your iPad from bumps and scratches while you are traveling. The case features a stand where your iPad 2 tablet can rest and you can type using the keyboard just like you do on a regular laptop.

2. Jorno Bluetooth Keyboard

Jorno Bluetooth Keyboard

If you find your iPhone’s virtual keyboard more complex and tiny to match your quick typing requirements then Jorno’s Bluetooth keyboard is suitable for you. The Bluetooth keyboard can be paired with your smartphone, galaxy tab or iPad or any other tablet you use which can be paired via Bluetooth. The features which make this keyboard stand out from the competition are that it is compact and foldable and offers a cradle to hold your device.

3. Asus Eee Pad Slider

Asus Eee Pad Slider

The Asus Eee pad slider is a tablet having a 10.1″ scratch resistant screen. The resolution of the screen is 1280 x 800. The tablet is very fast as its central processing unit has 1 GHz of dual core processor. The battery back up is so durable that you can work on the tablet for 8 hours. And if you want to type anything, just slide the screen and there comes the keyboard.

4. Typescreen Retro Typewriter

Typescreen Retro Typewriter

Some people love typing using the typewriter rather than a keyboard or the ‘tick’ sound which comes when you type using a typewriter. Now you do not have to worry that you need to sacrifice your feelings for technology. The Typescreen retro typewriter can be used to type using an iPad and iPad 2.

5. KeyCase iPad Folio

KeyCase iPad Folio

The KeyCase iPad Folio is a typing accessory that can be used with your tablet to assist you in typing your letter, document or just chatting with friends. The tablet can easily attach to the keyboard and the case can protect the keyboard as well as your tablet from bumps and scratches while traveling.

6. Logitech iPad Keyboard Case

Logitech iPad Keyboard Case

The slim, stylish and compact Logitech iPad Keyboard case will take your heart away when you will see it in action. You can attach your iPad or iPad 2 to its built-in stand having the option of attaching the tablet horizontal or vertical, the way you like. The keyboard gets integrated with the tablet using Bluetooth pairing. The case also acts as a protective membrane to keep your tablet’s front glass from getting scratched.

7. Ikeyboard


Ikeyboard has been named as the perfect virtual keyboard for any iPad. The typing accessory does not require any Bluetooth pairing not even caring a case. You just have to put the accessory onto your iPad, as if you are wearing a shirt on your body. The Ikeyboard has definite cutouts from the material to match the keys of the virtual keyboard of your iPad. The cutouts are so finely done that you feel like you are using a real physical keyboard. With thin layer between each key, the ikeyboard helps the user to type faster and efficiently.

8. Hatch & Co Skinny iPad 2 Case

Hatch & Co Skinny iPad 2 Case

Hatch & Co’s Skinny iPad 2 Case is an ultra slim iPad and iPad 2 case which uses bluetooth keyboard for typing on the tablet. The keyboard measures 9.6 x 7.7 x 0.6″ and weighs 10.4 oz. The case is made of faux leather very strong to protect your iPad and iPad 2 from bumps and scratches during travel. The wireless keyboard also comes with special surface textures that adds to the experience of the user while using the keyboard. The battery backup is so durable that it can be used for 68 hours without breaks.

9. Piano Apprentice

Piano Apprentice

Playing the piano app on iPad has been a tough job for everyone except experts. Taking this into consideration, the piano apprentice was built. The piano apprentice is a piano learning system which is designed to work with iPad, iPad 2, iPod and even your iPhone. The accessory has a 25-note keyboard and has built-in stereo speakers. The piano apprentice coordinates with iOS of the device you are using to teach the beginners the basics of playing a piano. Not only this, while you play the piano you can dock your device into the accessory.

10. iPad Case with Built-in Keyboard

IPad Case With Built-In Keyboard

If you have a more formal personality or you use your tablet for office purposes, then the iPad case with built-in keyboard is recommended for you. The leather made iPad case not only works as a strong protection for your tablet but also comes with a built-in Bluetooth integrated keyboard for easy typing. The case allows the user to dock the iPad and start working. The outer looks of case gives a formal image to the person who sees it and gives you the image of the boss.

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