10 contemporary shop interior design trends

Contemporary shop interior design trends

When you are in the selling business, you are given just one chance to create an impression. Buying a legitimate space in a recognized area is just not enough. A beautiful building is definitely eye-catchy, but what really sparkles the worth of a space is its interiors. Skillfully crafted interiors are very important to manage space, according to the requirements without compromising on the presentation. You might know what you want but managing it on your own can be tough. It’s not all about putting a chandelier or a few center pieces. It’s about the whole design, the floor, ceiling, wood work, partitions and almost everything. This is where the interior designers come into play. They are artists with a map. Unique interior designs have always made the cover of prestigious magazines, no wonder why the sales of such commercial places are so high. The ambience of any commercial space just has to be perfect. Here’s a list of 10 most unique contemporary shop interior design trends that will definitely inspire your next project.

1. Jewellery Store Interior by Carlos Pereda Iglesias and Oscar Perez Silanes

Jewellery Store Interior

Pereda Iglesias and Oscar Perez Silanes have done an exquisite job of presenting a store located in Bilbao called the Garcia Miguelez Jewelers. The whole shop is fitted with maple wood and the shop interiors are divided by glass screens giving it a very elegant design. The typology of the building is though very predictable, but the outcome is very unique. The maple paneling and the ripped glass partitions manages the space for a jeweler store in the most luxurious manner.

2. Rehovot Barber Shop, the Hair Contemporary Interior Design

The Hair Contemporary Interior Design

The hair strand contemporary interior design was particularly mapped out for barber shops. The geometry and dynamics and also the biology of a hair strand are put into play while carving out this design. The actual biological model of a hair strand laid the infrastructure for this design. The Barber’s Kitchen, where he begins his work is placed in the farthest and the functional area is followed till up to the starting point. The color scheme is maintained accordingly, following the geometry of a hair strand from the root to tip.

3. Modern contemporary interior store design of Bridal Magic Store in Japan

Contemporary interior design Bridal Magic Store

The store is called the Bridal Magic Store and is located in Hemeji, Japan. The interiors of the shop are designed as such to match the extravagance of the wedding day. The mirror-paneled interiors are designed by the Osaka-based Process5 Design. The fitting/trial rooms are surrounded by mirrors with random frames. The lightning is carefully selected to compliment the designer dresses and present them perfectly. Picture frames over the mirrored surface are designed as a display for rails of dresses and other accessories to further enhance a bride’s gown. The whole arrangement of the clothing range showcase the luxurious variety perfectly. The use of mirrors around the store is very artistic and rare.

4. Domison award winning urban shop interior design by BlazysGérard

Urban shop interior design by BlazysGérard

The creators behind this exquisite work of art, the designer duo BlazysGérard was honored with a Créativité Montréal prize for their work on this urban furniture shop located in the epicenter of the city Mecca. The overall design is black glossy with cement floors decorated with a series of black metal columns. It is unimaginable that this high-end contemporary furniture shop is a limited budget project. The marvelous backdrops, lightening and the skillful management of the space is definitely award worthy.

5. Patrick Cox Shop Interior by Chikara Ohno

Patrick Cox Shop Interior

The Patrick Cox Shop is located on a 17-storey building in Aoyama district, Japan. The overall white color scheme is very attractive, complimenting the whole design of pedestals. Chikara Ohno of the firm Sinato is the designer behind the successful outcome. The most important feature of the design according to the Japanese designer is lightning. The cylindrical pendent fixtures are individually placed directly over each pedestal to ensure the accessories shine brighter than anything else in the store. A key selling idea!

6. Rhus ovata Tel Aviv by k1p3

Rhus ovata Tel Aviv by k1p3

The Rhus ovata brand store located on the busy fashion street of Tel Aviv is a fashion boutique designed in a street wise design with the metal clothing rails running parallel to the length of the store. The windows of the store are deliberately narrowed and a horizontal glass is left in the center. The mannequins are placed as such to run parallel to the street. To further decorate the high-end fashion store, the counters and stands are made of MDF and the lights are made to hang over the ceiling.

7. Contemporary Mocha Mojo Coffee house Interior designed by Mancini Design

Mocha Mojo Coffee house Interior designed by Mancini Design

The coffee house located in India called the Mocha Mojo is the theme design for the 70’s designed by Mancini Design. The multicolored ornamental design is artistically infused in the interiors to present a mind blowing ambiance. The 3D projection of colorful layers has infused great intensity and depth in the design to make it one of its kinds. This is the excellence of art portrayed in paint.

8. Contemporary Store Interior Design by UAU

Contemporary Store Interior Design by UAU

The name of the store is Sosushi, which is an old stationary store located in Turin, Italy. The interiors of the store have now been crafted by the architect of UAU who has transformed it into an urban, authentic space. The walls are made with plexwood combined with ceramics and the overall color scheme used is white based. Plexoods is made a part of the furniture including shelves and cabinets. The shelves containing liquor are made in a trapezoid shape which makes the overall design even more elegant.

9. Japanese Contemporary Store Interior Design

Japanese Contemporary Store Interior Design

The Japanese traditional wood architecture is the inspiring factor of this contemporary clothing store’s interior design. The contemporary wood-based interiors are designed beautifully and the space is perfectly used to display the clothing rails.

10. Bookstore Selexyz Dominicanen in Netherlands

Bookstore Selexyz Dominicanen

The Dutch architect duo Merkx Girod won the Lensvelt de Architect Interior Prize for the exquisite design of this bookstore made inside a former Dominican church. The store plan required about 1,200 sq m area when only 700 sq m was available. But the space is managed efficiently and the overall architecture is crafted just as you would see in Greek and Roman historical movies. The stock is divided into different book shelves, magazine stands and information counters, maintaining the spacious look which is praise worthy. This is indeed one of the best you would see in interior designs.

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