Compact car concepts for future urban transportation

Compact car concepts are catering the dreams and fantasies of n-number of people, living all over the world. It speaks volume about what is lavishness and facilitate distinguish standards to the value of outstanding performances. Where its exterior look spells chic, its interior comfort gives meanings to magic charm. This charm is combined with its elegant appearance. Not only this, it is wonderful at the performance front also.

However, the urge gets changed with the ever changing time. It compels the designers to think beyond the horizon. Flexible modes of commutation are the need of the hour to pacify the commuters.

The outstanding shape shifting capability will definitely force you to say they were existent. So get ready to drool over the brilliant efforts of designers.

Navis Concept Car

Navis compact car posses the compact dimension and nil release electric engines are perfectly suitable for the urban lanes. Free shift wheel system fulfills the need of electric motors. It provides the facility of sensing the scent and its concentration scheme and rear amazingly incline the advantage of airflow. Its features like sitting arrangements, ultra-compact lithium ion battery for power, metallic layer for safeguard and high tangible steel plates for smoother riding make it appealing.

Nissan’s Pivo 2 concept

This extraordinary electric car gets energy from lithium ion batteries. Its design is featured by 360 degree movable cabin and 90 degree movable wheels. This rotational design facilitate obsolete reverse and inventive robotic agent provide ultimate interface of conversation.

Peugeot Concept

Electric Peugeot concept car possess eight electric motors and dolorean-styled opening doors. Its identical and magnetically coupled spherical wheels let you have complete fun around the city. But beware, the uninvited curbs may disturb you while you are in high speed.

Eco-Fun compact green car concept

Tailor the lovely compact eco-friendly car with your own choice color. Mind blowing aerodynamic shell, electric powered seats, spherical front wheel and covered rear wheel are some features that are enough to mesmerize the mass.

Kinetia Cuboy

The Kinetia Cuboy car introduces redefined compactness to compete with it competitive brands. Its exterior body distinguishes the design and its interior gives L-designed clean arrangement. It has door-accessed three seats and separable headlamps. The rounder body and collapsible steering make it more adorable.

Pixel’ Concept car

Tata pixel concept car own competently packaged four seats and is featured to remain in limelight. This impressive zero turning radius arrangement facilitate perfectly rotated wheels and zero-pester affair.

Peugeot PLUX

The compact size of the car seems to be a star attraction. This esteemed design is extensible, pleasurable and finished. The design has extra passenger accommodation facility. Its line, parts, seats and comfort turn it into an ideal design.

Bionic concept car

The modified design of Bionic concept car provides a sustainable future, enhanced comfort and better commutation. It has come up with organic shape of plants and nature. The use of advanced technology makes it faultless for ultra-crowded cities. The bionic concept works while generating solar energy from photovoltaic solar celled polycarbonate roof.

Spheric concept car

One more futuristic road car is spherical concept car which has adjustable tapering rear, autonomously accelerated wheels and feasible front wing profile. For better visibility, it has white organic LED panels.

Peugeot 888

An eco-zippy car is the best option to get rid of traffic snarls. It can swoop up in a compact carriage. This ability makes it more special because this system is powered by solar energy. The hydraulic system aids to tilting it up. Its independent motors are powered by Lithium-ion batteries. The constancy and pace prove it an impressive design.

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