10 cardboard bed designs for sustainable, sound sleep

Cardboard beds

The humble cardboard is used for multitude purposes. From being used as packing material, the uses of cardboard has evolved down the years. Imagination and innovation has taken the uses of cardboard to a next level. They are now part of the home furniture solutions that are eco-friendly and cost-effective. Constructed out of heavy types of wood-based paper, cardboard furniture has made its place almost in every rooms of the house. Cardboard furniture includes, chairs, sofas, dining tables and even beds. It is easier to assemble, move and also are eco-friendly. It is quite practical and simple in design and will not detract from the autonomical structure of the house. Below are some stunning cardboard bed designs for a sound sleep.

1. The Zen of Cardboard

Zen of Cardboard

This cardboard furniture form the Karton group is affordable and has elegant looks. The base is made of recycled paper and the glue used for this furniture is made of vegetable starch making it hundred percent recyclable. You can assemble the drawers and the bed supports fairly quickly and easily. The bed base should be folded twice along the length and then constrict them into the slots available in the base.

2. Honeycomb cardboard bed frame

Honeycomb cardboard bed frame

The students of New York have come up with an creative and inexpensive bed made of honeycomb cardboard. The stacked honeycomb cardboard is used as a bed base. Figurines can be displayed using the holes in the cardboard block. Using cinder blocks, you can lift things such as speakers.

3. Portable Eco Friendly cardboard bed

Portable Eco Friendly Cardboard Bed

This cardboard bed is portable with great looks and simple and easy to assemble. Do not worry about its sturdiness since its made of 7mm thick cardboard and is balanced with two lengths of webbing. It is compact and a practical furniture that comes in several widths. It can be used as regular bedding or as a guest mattress. In a single step, you can fold this bed into a bundle thus making it an perfects solution for frequent movers. It also has an additional collapsible horizontal support.

4. NuBe Green’s repurposed cardboard bed

NuBe Green’s repurposed cardboard bed

Cardboard looks so stunning with NuBe Green’s cardboard bed. It is one of a kind with a strong bed base and sturdy legs. Its majestic looks can add grace to your bed room easily. This is eco-friendly unit has been featured on the Evening Magazine. Its innovative design is truly one of the coolest sustainable products around.

5. Ecochair changes into a cardboard bed

Ecochair changes into a cardboard bed

Eco-chair is a perfect example for space saving furniture. One can convert this multi-functional furniture into a chaise lounge with simple easy steps. The frame is made of corrugated cardboard and 100% cotton mattress. Once converted, relax on this environmental friendly and sustainable practical bed.

6. Disposable cardboard bed by Nikolay Suslov

Disposable cardboard bed by  Nikolay Suslov

Inspired by the chaise lounge, Nikolay Suslov has come up with a cheap sustainable bedding solution that can be afforded by the poor. Multiple layers of corrugated cardboard make up the base of this bed. It is sturdy and durable in all the season as it is prepared with water proof material. It keeps the users on a good height of 20 cms. You can also easily transform this bedding furniture into a compact and portable seating.

7. LeafBed, Cardboard Bedding by NOOC

LeafBed, Cardboard Bedding by  NOOC

Leafbed is a bedding solution that is eco-friendly and sustainable. This interesting modular bedding solution was designed by NOOC, specifically for HES – Humanitarian Emergency Situations as the Emergency bed. You can get a good nights sleep by simply straightening the four cardboard modules. This can also be converted into a stool or a table. You can store your belongings in a small hatch that is found on top of the module. It can bear up to 300 kgs. of weight and withstand seventy five percent humidity and temperature of about thirty degrees.This was first tested in Niger during an emergency situation and found to be of real help.

8. The Paperpedic Bed


Paperpedic bed from the Karton Group is a cool bed system that is made of recycle and virgin paper folds. Assembling this cleverly engineered bed model is easy and smooth. It has a strong bed base and is 100 % recyclable.It bears a load capacity of a tonne. This chic and stylish bed can be assembled to a single, double, king or queen size in minutes. You can make use of the Paperpedic drawers for storage purposes. This amazing bed is completely practical and is quite comfortable on your wallet.

9. Corrugated cardboard bed

Corrugated cardboard bed

This bed is made of sturdy corrugated cardboard. It is easily portable and is a light weight furniture. It looks elegant with its two bed side tables. It has attracted the interest of all environment lovers since it is an eco-friendly furniture.

10. Carton bed by Antoinette Bader

Carton bed by Antoinette Bader

This compact carton bed has been designed by Antoinette Bader. It can be folded and compressed to a minimum size of a stool! With the use of accordion effect, you can quickly adjust the size of the bed and fold it. The lamination on the side of the card boards adds a decorative feature to the bed when its is folded or opened out.

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