10 best bluetooth computer speakers

Bluetooth Computer Speaker Designs

Speakers are those which are connected to a audio device input to listen to any audio output. In general, speakers are connected to our computers to listen to audio and most of them are wired speakers. The latest trend is Bluetooth speakers and let us see a few of them.

1. Titanium Bluetooth Wireless Speaker and Clock Radio


It has two products which feature minimalism design with a titanium case. It is a wireless titanium speaker which is compatible with most of the Bluetooth enabled systems and also has titanium clock with radio. The titanium speakers have an LED display which is common for booth the display and the radio so that you can tune to your favorite station without removing time from the display. The speaker can also be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth and can attend calls or audio wirelessly. These speakers look slim and are easy to place. The other nice feature is that when you charge it for six hours it can work for six hours and has a standby time of 100 hours.

2. Bluetooth Speaker Cradle


The Cradle Bluetooth speakers look like a fancy Bluetooth device which has music options in it and it is also works as a phone. The built in memory is quite good to store as many songs and also the audio is good. The upper part of the device can be rotated in any direction and can be moved either to the top or bottom. In between the two, we have the buttons to play, pause, stop, forward and rewind buttons and the connect to Bluetooth is also there. The upper portion displays the time and has answer and disconnect buttons. This is a very good device and can be carried easily in pockets.

3. SunnySong Eco-friendly Bluetooth Speaker System


This Bluetooth system is a solar powered device which makes it eco-friendly and can be connected to almost all Bluetooth devices. You can listen to your favorite songs all the day without any batteries. It has the shape of a leaf but not the color, where on this leaves the solar panels are connected to convert the sun rays into electricity. It features A2DP and AVCRP function using the NXT panels which are the latest ones. It can save a lot of electricity and also saves your pocket. The speakers can be carried to any where like to the parties picnics and other places where you want it without connecting to electricity.

4. Twisted speakers

Twisted Speakers

These speakers look small and in square shape where it has two parts and the upper part is to be rotated, which can be placed around the house. It actually came out of the frustration of Isaac Teece where he had limited sound to his sound systems. They get charged from the induction charging station. To on and off the device we have to twist the upper part of it, and also to adjust the volume. The twisted speakers have good range and sound quality. As they are to be twisted for everything they are named so.

5. Euphonic Bluetooth Speaker System

Euphonic Bluetooth Speaker System

It uses the latest A2DP Bluetooth technology. The Euphonic Bluetooth device is a potable device where you can stream stereo quality music from the Bluetooth devices connected or from PDA, and can control the device from a distance such as to change the track or volume from the phone connected to it. It is cylindrical in shape and has a sleek design. Once this device is fully charged it can play music for 8 hours non stop, and it can be charged via USB or through the mains. The other nice feature is that if the device does not has Bluetooth connectivity it can be connected through the audio port. This device is priced at 40 pounds.

6. Spore Bluetooth Speakers


These are wireless Bluetooth speakers connected speakers, which are connected to phone via Bluetooth. These spores can be kept around different corners at your home to produce a good sound. The spores are hemispherical in shape and have embedded speakers in them, resembling the crator’s on the moon’s surface. And all the spores are irregular in shape. The spores have microphone built in it so that we can answer a call, instead of picking up the phone. It also adds some attraction to the surroundings which makes the visitors wonder what it is.

7. Sound Eggs Wireless Speakers Concept

Sound Eggs

These are a pair of wireless speakers which can be used with computers or laptops and also with Bluetooth enabled devices. It is called so as the outer part denotes the exterior of the egg and the inner yellow color looks like the color of yolk. The speakers even though do not not stand straight, they tend to be inclined as they are supported by the cargo which is at the bottom of the speaker which holds them to stand in vertical positions or tilted positions.The funny feature here is one can create funny sounds while twisting and whipping them at the top.

8. Sound Bulb Wireless Speakers


The speakers look like bulbs and so they are named. Replace your lights with these and it functions both as speakers and light where we can stream music wirelessly. Here these speakers use LED’s instead of what the normal household bulbs use. To adjust the volume the outer ring of the bulb is rotated. These speakers are something like hidden speakers and these also save power consumption. The sound bulb speakers are priced at $300.

9. IPEVO Tubular Wireless Speakers


These speakers are known for their range of VoIP devices, where these speakers can be hooked around in two ways to get stereo sound. This device can be connected to any Bluetooth enabled devices. The both speakers can be joined which form a tube like structure and therefore named as tubular wireless speakers, and to separate them we just need to twist apart. It has dedicated buttons for volume and to change tracks and also has on and off button. Once they are charged full they can play for 8 hours and have a stand by time of 100 hours. It is available for $80.

10. Sony Ericson Bluetooth Speaker


These speakers have an OLED display which show the track name and it also has a 3.5mm jack which can be connected to a PC or MP3 player. The sound quality of this speakers is very good and they are installed just within seconds. The negative feature is that the battery cannot be removed. It is available at 70 pounds.

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