Artistically designed fridges for cool geeks

A fridge is an appliance which stores the food and keeps it cool artificially. There are about 8 types of refrigerators of which compressor refrigerators are the most commonly used in household. The other types of refrigerators are solar refrigerators, absorption refrigerators, peltier refrigerators, magnetic acoustic and thermal mass refrigerators. Here is a list of 10 cool refrigerator designs for you to choose from:

EGG LUTT Refrigerator

This fridge has a shape of an egg, but does not have the yolk inside where we place our eatables. It is a mini fridge in the shape of an egg which runs on a 12v dc power. It also features warming mode which can keep the contents warm when you require. And this fridge is portable also where you can take it along for picnics and for tours also as it consumes only 12v. It is perfect to keep drinks and other snacks cool.

Flatshare Fridge

The Flatshare fridge was an entry at the Electolux Design Lab 2008. The concept is based on sharing the fridge compartments as the room mates share their room. This fridge has four modules placed on top of the base station, where each module can be customized with bottle openers and other white boards. All the four modules have different skins. Each compartment has bigger section to hold bottles and the smaller section to have snacks and other eatables. The great feature of this fridge is that when you have a new mate in your room, he/she can have a separate compartment to place it on the top. This fridge reduces your quarrels among the room mates and it is a good thing that a fridge can stop quarrels.

USB Mini Fridge

A fridge which can carried in your pocket to any place you travel. It is a portable fridge you can store one tin and cools the beverage with a 5V supply from the USB. It also has an internal LED light and no batteries are required to run this fridge. This has a weight of 360 grams. The USB fridge just takes 5 minutes to cool the beverage where it can drop to 8.5 degrees just in 5 minutes. It has a LED in blue color as it helps in keeping the beverage cool. It is good portable fridge and is of great use for instant cooling. The price of this USB fridge is $33.

Soft Refrigerator

The soft refrigerator is a portable fridge having folding configuration which makes it easy for a portable refrigerator. The size of this fridge can be adjusted according to the cubage of the contents inside it, which can save energy. The other good features of this fridge are, it is a great space saver, energy saver, adjustable according to the contents and is a portable product. The hole on the bracing are the ones which send cool air to the compartments. To open the refrigerator the slide fastener is used which is on the membrane. It is one of the most flexible portable refrigerator.

Fridge Beer Robot

This is robotic fridge controlled by a remote, which could fetch you a drink just at the touch of a button. It cab serve a selection beers using an iPhone application. This app is also able to control the temperature of the fridge and also has a in built camera so that the user can control the aim. This beer robot fridge is priced at $1500.

Weber Chill Roll Bar Refrigerator

This is a portable fridge which can be kept indoor or can be taken outdoor also for parties and tours also. It has a capacity to store 72 ice cold tins or 36 wine bottles or 42 beer bottles. The roll bar refrigerator has aluminum grip to hold two wine bottles on the either sides and it has wheels which make it convenient to carry outdoor and indoor. On the top it has two small tables which support to place the drinks on it and act as a small table. The price of this fridge is $400.

R2-D2 Fridge

It is a portable USB fridge which runs on 12v electric supply. It was manufactured in the year 2002 and was given as a prize to the Attack On The Clones contestants. And only 1000 of these were made. It is very rare and cannot be found that easily. This fridge has a price of $1070 which is not a cheap product, the Toyeast website has the copy of this fridge which is selling at this price.

USB Mini Fridge and Heater

The USB mini fridge and heater looks same like the USB mini fridge, but this has an additional feature that can also keep the contents hot when required. All the qualities are same as the USB fridge that is, same storage capacity and cooling time and also has the LED light which is there in the USB mini fridge. As it takes 5 minutes to cool down it similarly takes 5 minutes to heat up to 45c. It has a separate function switch for heating or cooling. It is priced at $40.

Roll Bar Mobile – Refrigerator

It can be carried anywhere on the go, it has a set of wheels. Once when it is charged full it can keep the food inside cool up to five hours. The storage capacity of the roll-bar mobile refrigerator is 50 liters. This refrigerator is made of titanium foam to keep the contents in it cool for a good time. The top of this fridge can be used as a table top and the body is highly dent resistant. This fridge has both AC and DC adapters. The price tag of this roll-bar mobile refrigerator is $360.

Asko’s Home Pub Fridge

It is a refrigerator with an in-built draught beer system. There are separate 5 liter kegs placed inside to store beer or any other drink, where the drink is served from the tap which is on the door. This fridge is equipped with a thermostat which maintains the temperature in the fridge and freezer. The fridge also has silver ions to protect the internal parts from antibacterial elements. The total storage capacity is 301 liters where 218 liters can be stored in fridge and the remaining 83 liters in the freezer. This fridge is priced at $1000.

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