Most amazing motorcycle concepts

Bike concepts have always been something we like to drool over. We have seen our share of kick-ass bike concepts and we have also spent many hours discussing how awe-freakin-some it would be if we could own one of these in real life. However, we have reconciled our imaginations to dreams of a future when the cool tech featured in these concepts would come to life and we would have the chance to proudly own one of these futuristic bikes for ourselves. Here’s our pick of the ten most astonishing bike concepts:

Machine Fly, the Flying Motorcycle

It just would feel like the future if the bikes in it didn’t fly! While waiting for science too develop to an extent where we would not need those awfully fussy hover pads or noisy jet packs, Gonzalo Guerrero dreamed up this gorgeous bike unimaginatively named the Machine Fly. With no wheels, this bike is totally geared for all kinds of terrain.

MoonRider Flying Bike

Another air-borne bike concept in the list, the MoonRider Flying Bike, takes a leaf out of Lady Gaga’s heel-less shoes and comes up with a penny farthing-esque frame that can be slid just above the surface of the road, though we do feel it would have been nice had the designer included something to place our feet on while riding since leaving them dangling in the air would look a bit uncouth and uncool.

Embrio One-Wheeled Motorcycle Concept

Moving on from straight-up flyers, we have bikes that look to make the best of whatever space cramped cities of the future will be afforded by the common man and come geared with a single wheel. We don’t know why its designer, who goes by the name Bombardier, chose to do away with the second wheel, but we hope he would account for the missing second wheel when pricing this one-legged Embrio Motorcycle Concept.

Hornet Superbike Concept

Having yet another unibike concept makes us believe that the single-wheel bike fad might just prove to be an unexpected hit in the future. This one-legged beauty comes to us, courtesy designer Liam Ferguson who intends for this baby to have a hydrogen fuel-cell fitted in-wheel (producing 55 kW) powering the 6-phase Neodymium-Iron electric motor. The Hornet Superbike is intended to be a racer so you better have all your best safety equipment ready when this one debuts in showrooms.

Honda Club Motorcycle

Sam Jilbert’s Honda Club Motorcycle concept may look unconventional at we think it is based on some unexplored principle of aerodynamics that common folks like you and I may not have even heard of. The funky looking bike is also powered by a Hydrogen Fuel Cell though it is intended to run like a regular motorcycle.

Axial Three Wheels Motorcycle Concept

We’ve seen our share of three-legged motorcycle concepts before but this one inspired by an in-like roller skate is a first for us. Designed by Julien Rondino, the Axial 3 Wheels (A3W) concept is apparently inspired by the KTM LC8 though we don’t understand where the middle wheel would possibly figure in the scheme of the suspension’s design.

Red Bull Motorcycle Concept

This amazing Red Bull Motorcycle Concept is the brainchild of designer Barrend Massow Hemmes who used Red Bull’s iconic logo to create this amazing piece with a high gloss polyurethane lacquer finish on fiberglass paneling giving the brilliantly constructed bike its fashion-forward rich red finish.

Tron Legacy Light Cycle Concept

Admittedly, the Tron Legacy Light Cycle has been done to death by bike conceptors ever since the movie hit the big screen way back in 80s. But this particular model is based on the latest Tron Legacy movie and looks like something that can feasibly make it into a reality very soon.

Leo Motorcycle Concept

Designed for long distance bike rides, this futuristic bike is actually called the Sampdesign Leo. Powered by a 10KW electric motor, the ergonomically-sound bike comes fitted with a progressive acceleration system that allows the bike to garner greater autonomy and maximize performance on the highway. However, we do think the open cabin might be bit of a safety threat.

Jaguar Motorcycle Concept

This brilliant Jaguar concept bike is created by Masscow Concept Cycles (MCC) and was fashioned using the logo of Jaguar cars as an inspiration. Using an air-cooled V-twin from a Buell S3 engine, the glass-fiber, steel-tubed bike outputs 1200cc and comes with removable magnetic mandibles and a headlamp that is fashioned to resemble a jaguar’s head.

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