10 best alternatives for all who dislike Apple gadgets

Best alternatives to Apple gadgets

Apple gadgets are one of the finest gadgets in all the segments and are known for their excellent designs and awesome technology they come up with. The Apple gadgets are usually compact and are popular among youth and students. As these gadgets involve high technology equipments and the ultra-cool technology, they are overpriced and it is hard for some people to go for it. There are various competitors in the market these days which have launched the similar gadgets to the Apple and are fairly priced. These gadgets also are equally powered and have almost equal number of apps and features. These devices are a rage in market for their really cheap prices and high durability. There are various such gadgets in the market to choose from and it is hard at times to choose the best among the best. Here we are with a list of 10 best alternatives for all who dislike Apple gadgets.

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung can never be ignored in terms of the excellent service and the technology it offers to its customers. With the launch of Apple’s iPad, there was a buzz in the market for its only competitor Samsung Galaxy Tab. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is similar in looks when compared to iPad but is made to run on Android. The Android market is high so this product gained massive popularity and was a rage there on. This Galaxy Tab is provided with everything an iPad has, moreover it is provided with a secondary camera and a power packed processor.

2. Motorola Xoom

Motorola Xoom

Soon after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy tab, the Motorola came up with this awesome tab, the Xoom. The Xoom is an awesome tab and has all the best features in it. It is provided with a 10.1″ touchscreen and an awesome quality camera. It is completely a 3G device with video capabilities of 1080p video playback. The powerful Dual core processor and the Android platform make it even more popular. It delivers awesome performance and is one of the best tablets made until date. It is fairly priced at £329.00.

3. BlackBerry 9800

BlackBerry 9800

The BlackBerry was considered to be one of the major competitors of the Apple iPhone. The BlackBerry phones are known for their awesome OS and the best in class features. The BlackBerry phones have ruled the world of smart phones and this one is one of the finest phones made by BlackBerry. The Blackberry 9800 is equipped with a high quality 3.2″ touch screen and a 5MP camera. The phone is also provided with 4GB storage and a high resolution screen.

4. Google Nexus S

Google Nexus S

For all the Android fans, this is the gadget you all should have in your stock. The Google came up with this awesome smartphone and completely changed the world of smartphones. Giving a tough competition to Apple’s iPhone, this phone gained massive popularity for its stunning user interface and the Android platform. This phone is made by Samsung and is provided with super AMOLED touch screen and a 5MP camera. It is also given an internal storage of 16GB and a RAM of 512MB.

5. Zune HD

Zune HD

The Microsoft Zune is the best alternative to the Apple’s iPod. The Apple iPod ruled the complete music industry until the launch of this super awesome music player by Microsoft. This music player is provided with a 720p, 3.3″ touch screen and storage of 16GB. This space will be enough to carry whole lot of your music library quite easy on the go. It is also available in 32GB with two color options; Black and Silver. It is priced at $219.99 for 16GB model and $289.99 for 32GB model.

6. Maingear’s Prysma

Maingear's Prysma

This is one of the newest technologies in the market and is being appreciated for its unique design and concept. It is giving a tough competition to the Apple in terms of its unique and new concept. This is actually a new technology which is aimed at producing an awesome stunning Media Center PC. It is named Prysma as it derives its shape from a pyramid and is being constructed by Maingear. These pyramid shaped PC’s are equipped with a trendy new generation keyboard. This has given a complete new dimension to Media center PC and is priced at just $1,750. It is available in various attractive colors.

7. Sony VAIO L All-In-One PC/HDTV


The PC/HDTV technology is one of the most developed technologies in terms of display and the PC world. This technology since its evolution has taken the world of TV and PC to a whole new level. This Sony Vaio PC/HDTV is one such cool gadget that has overtaken all other technologies in market. It is provided with a 3D screen and features 24inch multi touch display. It is also equipped with a Blu-ray player which allows 1080p HD playback. This is the best in the display industry and thus is popular for its ultimate entertainment features. It is priced at $1,420.

8. Boxee Box

Boxee Box

This is the best alternative to the AppleTV and is considered to be the best HDTV in the market. It is known for its excellent user interface which is made so user-friendly that you will find it so easy to use at any second. The video playback options and the features offered will make your viewing experience a whole lot better. This is the ultimate box you will require for all your HDTV experience and is worth of a strong recommendation. It is priced at $200.

9. Dell Adamo XPS

Dell Adamo XPS

The Apple laptops are known for their ultra-slim body but now here is Dell offering the super slim and even sexier laptop. The Dell Adamo is super slim and is creating a buzz in the market for its ultra-thin body and the power packed features. The gorgeous screen and the plenty of features is what making this laptop so famous. The look revealed confirms that this laptop will be the best option to the entire Macbook series offered by the Apple. Let’s just wait for its launch and see what Dell has for all its fans.

10. HP Envy

HP Envy

If there is a talk about super cool gadgets, HP is hard to ignore. This HP laptop is what can be the future version of all the laptops. This ultra-slim and sexy laptop is equipped with a next generation Core i5 processor. This super compact laptop is provided with a screen of 14″ with features that will completely drive you crazy. It weighs just 5.6 pounds and is equipped with super stylish black keypad that adds to the beauty of the laptop. It is priced at $1,027 and is a sure buy for all those who are looking for a good alternative to the Apple Macbook Mini.

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