C-1 electric vehicle hawks gyroscopic stability and mobile connectivity

This all white sleek and streamlined vehicle looks smashing and will attract eyeballs when it goes down the road. You will hear murmurs or even bawls squabbling whether it’s a bike or a car. There’s no point arguing because it is a combination of both. The two seater is enclosed with a chassis all around to make it a cross between a bike and a car.

C-1 'rolling smartphone' electric vehicle

The speedster that merges the compactness and swiftness of a bike with the security of a car is the C-1 ‘rolling smartphone’ electric vehicle. Moreover, this groovy designer ride is also eco friendly. It charges to full in just four to six hours. On a full charge, a range of 150 to 220 miles and a maximum speed of 120mph can be achieved. The two seater also packs in cargo space. The $16000 tagged vehicle that will come out by 2014 fits in many dandy features.

The motorbike will stay upright even when it is standing. The gyroscopic stability slotted in the vehicle gives it stability during a stopover or when another vehicle bumps into it from the side. Also, the vehicle provides wide ranging connectivity to mobile devices. After connecting mobiles, drivers can access information related to weather conditions, traffic and driving routes when they are at the wheel. So, there is a good reason why it is called the rolling smartphone electric vehicle.

Its swinging doors and neon lit wheels look awesome. Besides their showy appeal, the LED lights on the wheels also come handy, as they can illuminate the road for the driver. As if all these qualities were not enough to attract buyers, the vehicle will also be in hot demand among fans of the sci-fi flick Tron. Haven’t you noticed how it resembles the light cycles from the movie?

Via: Designboom

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